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Interior design: 10 decorations for modern houses

decorations for modern houses

If it’s about inspirations, this book of ideas is full of them. We have selected 10 designs of modern interior decorations, ideal for renovating those spaces in your home that need a little love. Here you will find rooms, rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and other spaces with decorative works designed for functionality, comfort and, above all, with the simple, elegant and practical aesthetic that characterizes this style. Join us on this tour and get inspired!

Light, comfort and color

Without a doubt, a design that inspires 100% comfort. The use of light colors is intended to generate a sense of spaciousness that is also nourished by the lighting, which is distributed between hanging lamps, recessed and indirect light LED ceiling.

Luxury and elegance in integrated spaces

A decoration with a lot of character thanks to the furniture in black that gives a cut of elegance and luxury without equal. You can not fail to mention the pendant lamp and the dining room model, elements that combine styles that range from the majestic and classic to the modern.

Impeccable and minimalist kitchen

A very spacious kitchen that gives the feeling of freshness and cleanliness thanks to the white of its furniture, ceiling, walls and floor. However, the details in black generate the ideal contrast to make this kitchen a modern and minimalist space.

Comfortable rooms with adapted furniture

This room has a decoration that exalts one of the most characteristic features of the modern style, which is nothing more than practical and functional furniture. A design perfectly adapted to the wall, ideal for small spaces.

White 360 °

White is one of the most used colors in modern decorations. It is a color with which you can provide various effects and sensations. In addition, it allows free combinations with different materials and textures.

Decorate unconventional spaces and fill them with color!

As well as this attic! Who can say that this often forgotten place in the house can not be filled with much style? See how well the combination of wood and purple is. A space in which it definitely provokes being.

Combinations of color and touches of texture

The accentuation of color is one of the main characteristics of modern style. As seen in this design where the traditional black and white contrast is intervened by the touch of an intense red. Similarly, the diversity of textures that complement the decoration through elements such as the rug, the transparent coffee table, the semi-leather sofa and the plants are highlighted.

Illumination and monochromatic combination

Lighting is key in any decoration. In this design we see how a palette of browns in its different tonalities, is used in all the elements of space. Dining room, kitchen and living room are integrated into a perfectly lit environment, since both general lighting and focused lighting from hanging lamps are used, as well as indirect lighting with LED light.

The diversity of materials for an industrial style touch

A space that unifies kitchen, dining room and living room to the best modern-industrial style. The brick wall undoubtedly brings a lot of character to the decoration along with the windows bordered in black.

Modern kitchen in intense green and divisions in glass

There are spaces that when entering you fill you with energy. This is the case with this kitchen thanks to the intensity of the color. A bright green that harmonizes with white, black and the use of glass in the divisions.

Which one did you like the most?


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