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Interior design for pets. Because they are also part of the family

If our home is characterized by something, it is in that it speaks of ourselves while making each and every one of us who inhabit it feel like crossing its door in the best and most pleasant of places. It is without a doubt our favorite place. Ours and that of every being that lives with us. So in order to make our flutes feel equally comfortable and special in that which is also their home, today’s post emerges. And we talk about Interior design for pets. And we do it through ideas based on small modifications or incorporations that will make a difference at home, especially for our pets. Do not lose detail because I bet they will thank you! 😉

interior design for pets

A corner just for them

Yours, like most people, loves being in the same place where we are. But if something can set the sea for us all, it is that our pet has a unique and exclusive place for him. A space dedicated to calm and relaxation in which you feel comfortable and relaxed while still enjoying the same room in which we all find ourselves. Let’s say that place could be what we usually call “your bed.” But if we talk about interior design for pets, it will be to take this space a little further, don’t you think?

interior design for pets X

Our house is yours

There are slight differences between our hobbies and fun ways and yours. So that If we do not want them to be anxious thinking only of leaving home to put them into practice, better to enable them a place for it from inside doors. Look how they have set it up in the room of the house that I show you below. That trunk cannot be more integrated into the interior design! Don’t you think it’s ideal to have accommodated it?

interior design for pets VIII

Your day to day also more comfortable for you

Well, yes, because there are activities that we should do with them. And if you are one of those who like to meet your needs at home and for yourself, dedicate them a space for it if the meters allow itIt can be a great and comfortable option.

interior design for pets II

Corners for relaxation

Create new spaces from nothing, it will be the sea of ​​easy especially if we talk about cats. And is that If you make it fairly easy, you will be able to feel the kings of the house in completely unsuspected and unexplorable places for us.. Hanging from a macrame hook that bolts directly to the ceiling, on wall shelves that have enough depth to allow them to accommodate, and even through a simple chair cushion that you tie to the four legs of a side table!

interior design for pets III

Your things are also saved

Although they do not require closet, there are certain things that we need to always have well at hand for them. I think the most important of them all. So allocate them a storage area in a room of common use and enjoyment that all members of the house pass, it will be a comfortable and good bet to face the day to day from the most frantic to the quietest and most homely.

interior design for pets IV

Interior design for pets: Details that make a difference

Although you do not intend to implement the interior design for pets, I bet that every movement in the home decoration brings with it the following thought: “The peludín will love it” or “it will break it as soon as he sees it” or maybe “what this will last us a little bit ». So do yourself a favor. Think about accommodating something that you know is going to get your attention, because otherwise he will do it to look at something else!

interior design for pets IX

A space just for them

The hollow of a staircase, a low space devoid of use in appearance, the lower part of a large recessed shelf, and Any place you don’t use and think you might likeYou can be a firm candidate to become your new favorite space at home.

interior design for pets V

Make them happy and give a different touch to your home

Little explanation needs the idea that I show you next. Your cats will love it and you will boast a personalized indoor garden. So everyone happy!

interior design for pets VII

As you can see, the interior design for pets is possible and almost necessary if you are lucky enough to have one at home. Remember them to shape your home and they will thank you! After all, they are one more in the family 🙂

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