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Interior designs of modern houses


It does not require large amounts of money and tons of space, the only requirements necessary to achieve beautiful interior designs are: find inspiration, find resources, be creative to give your personal touch and be motivated enough to start. That you feel good in the space you inhabit, is the basis for success and happiness.

We show you below several ideas of important designers, with photos of their interiors.

Rut Karadottir

Spectacular contemporary interiors by designer Rut Karadottir from Iceland. A careful selection of materials and simple forms that combine with an excellent use of lighting.

This designer has studied at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome and has worked in Italy before returning to Iceland in 1997 to create her own company. His work: a mix of modern and Scandinavian with rustic elements that feels extremely cozy.

His portfolio is full of photographs of spectacular modern houses. We delight ourselves with some interiors and examples of contemporary architecture.

Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford is an interior designer and graphic artist who is usually decorating amazing homes, hotels, or post production facilities. Let’s take a look at some of their beautiful designs.

Its purpose is to create environments where people feel comfortable, public spaces that make people feel at home and homes that are habitable and have meaning for its inhabitants. Your company designs furniture and products that support and improve daily life.

Lauren Liess

This image belongs to the interior designer Lauren Liess, who has really managed to give a surprising change of look to this house of the 70 ‘.

The transformation of the bedroom is surprising. Any room can have a radical change like this, with the right furniture and accessories. The bronze headboard was found lying on the side of the road! … and based on it, all the rest was designed, which is a mixture of old and new, white and metallic.

And kitchen that looked very old fashioned, with the doors of arched cupboards, dirty linoleum and fluorescent light, has been updated with a few simple changes: painting the doors of the cabinets and the dishwasher with semi gloss gray paint and the refrigerator with paint slate. The door knobs have been changed and the old lamp purchased at a flea market has been placed beautifully. It was decorated in gray, white and black and stainless steel.

And for the lobby to give another impact to the visitor who entered for the first time, a bunch of DaVinci sketches have been hung randomly along the walls.

Here we show you other beautiful Liess designs.

Heidi Lerkenfeldt

This selection of images of modern interiors belongs to the photographer Lerkenfeldt, whose portfolio is very inspiring. The interiors he chooses are mostly minimalist. The quality of its shots is impressive, where you can clearly see almost all the details in the objects.

House of Courteney Cox

Do you want to take a look at the house in Malibu, California, of the actress Courteney Cox, better known as Monica for her funny character in Friends?

A kind of modern barn, a mid-century structure that sits high above the Pacific on two acres that include: guest houses, a tennis house and a screening room, and a saltwater pool. Cox chose the place due in part to his privacy.

Before becoming an actress, Courteney Cox wanted to be an architect. In fact, she started a college course before deciding to pursue a career in Hollywood, so she put all her passion for building, remodeling and decorating her new home.

What is most striking is the large number of spaces designed to receive friends, to enjoy the wonderful Malibu climate outdoors. Cox has very good memories of growing up with 20 cousins and family reunions on Sunday afternoons at his grandmother’s house. “I’ve been carrying out this tradition of having a day for family and friends for years,” she says, with Sunday meetings around dinner and karaoke.

Cox astutely invited his architect Michael Kovac to a party in his old house so he could see how the guests interact and move through space. “The experience of that afternoon and evening was what really took us to the design of the new house,” he says. “We took everything that worked well there and we have done better here.”

The sense of openness is present throughout the rest of the house, where the glass walls flood the room with light. In the master bedroom, French doors open onto another terrace overlooking the water. In the living room, with oak floors and a stone fireplace, the borders between exterior and interior blur, between works of art by Punchy by Harland Miller, Massimo Vitali, and Kent Williams that add color and humor to the space.

Meg Ryan’s house

We continue seeing the luxurious houses of the famous inside, we saw the house of Courtney Cox (Friends), now it is the turn of the house of the actress Meg Ryan in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, restored and decorated by Marsha Russell of Satinwood.

The house is one of the many in which she has lived and furnished, since her career as an actress has taken her from one place to another.

“I feel like I’ve been remodeling houses all my life,” he says. “I have renovated apartments, lofts, a cabin in Montana, lots and lots of places. I spend tearing pages of magazines in search of inspiration. I have found decorating ideas everywhere, from a friend’s kitchen to a hotel lobby. »

In a perfect environment, the house was a kind of barn, with the skeleton and exposed beams, needed walls, only with the ultimate goal of simplifying the space. For example to separate the kitchen from the large room or the main bathroom of the room. With the help of Marsha Russell of Satinwood, a number of cozy areas were created, including a breakfast room, a computer room, a playroom and an upper floor for the children.

The separations consist of glass doors, windows with steel frames or walls with many windows, so each room has magnificent views. The interior design is equally sober, carved wood furniture and upholstered linen armchairs, with lamps of an industrial and vintage mix style. Elegant environments, where form and function are very evident.

Interior designs of small houses

House of 40 m²

This department has only 40 square meters of surface, but still it is very comfortable and cozy. Before the remodeling, it was an open space, a multi-purpose studio. That room was not well zoned, but the owners and a good designer have managed to change this. We can learn from your work and if you have little space in your home, you can put some of these good ideas into practice.

At first glance when studying the plant we see how the meters have been maximized, without wasting an inch in unnecessary traffic, but perfectly dividing every area of the house.

In such a small space it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of things and for that it is necessary to provide storage space. Here there are 3 built-in closets on one side and a bookcase that occupies the entire living room wall on the other.

The best way to create zones is through color. It’s great to find the same color in different parts of the room, but in different proportions. In this apartment the most colorful part is the dining room. Its walls are intense pink, which is repeated on the carpet in the kitchen, the upholstery and some small details in the bedroom and bathroom in that same tone. In this way the color is used to sectorize and in turn to give cohesion to the whole.

The kitchen is separated from the dining room with a glazed panel that does not occupy any space, but does the job of zoning excellently, the same happens with the sliding panel that separates the bedroom area from the living room, which allows privacy to the rest area or integrate both environments.

The library with glazed doors looks lighter and makes the whole structure look like a simple shelf but everything is protected from dust.

House of 80 m²

The interior design project called «My life in 80m ²» shows that the quality of life does not depend on the size of the space. This ingenious residential project belongs to the Italian company Poliform, and gives us some ideas that may inspire us when it comes to making the most of a space.

Effective solutions for small houses are based on the quality of the design, which should make the most of the space to provide comfort and functionality. Although 80m2 are not a small thing in many cities of the world, in this case they are very well used.

Renovated old house

In this house in Rotterdam, Holland, has counted more good taste than the amount of money invested in the decoration.

The owners (Lydia and Manfung) say that after several months of searching they found this old house, which had already undergone some renovations in 2001, but it was still far from being to its liking. “Obviously we needed inspiration, to find the ideas to give the house the necessary change from a complete approach. We started buying decoration magazines, but considering how expensive this is, we started looking for inspiration on the internet, and to our surprise we found a huge variety of sites with beautiful photos to help us design our house. »

Beach or countryside house of 90 m²

This is one of the most beautiful houses published in the annual small house contest of Apartment Therapy, it has just 90m2 very well used.

It is a typical plant, ideal for beach or field house. It has basic amenities arranged on two levels: on the ground floor a large living room with integrated kitchen, in addition to the bathroom and on the second level two small bedrooms.

We must bear in mind that a house in A, that is to say with sloping roofs with so much slope implies having to deal with the sloping walls, very difficult to take advantage of to hang paintings or shelves or for the space that is wasted when wanting to bring the furniture to the walls. And having so little space (90 m2) is a little frustrating to know that you can not use every inch efficiently.

The other drawback of this type of roof is the lighting, in this case the facades have been glazed almost completely to compensate for the lack of openings in the sides. And the rooms have been arranged in plan so that they all have natural lighting. So the huge amount of light that enters through the windows in the front and back of the house is one of the attractions of this house. This makes such a small space feel bigger than it is and also allows you to enjoy all the wonders of nature from the inside.

Prefabricated house weeHouse

WeeHouse is the prefabricated house designed by the architects of Alchemy Architects of the United States. According to Inhabitat, a real jewel among the small prefabricated houses, with a very affordable price of 125 dollars per square foot and manufactured by a reliable and recognized company in the middle. Not only efficient from the point of view of prefabrication but also design.

Here we show you the basic module, which can be expanded according to the needs. It is built in steel and wood, with floor, ceiling and walls in bamboo wood, with good interior finishes, (the kitchen cabinets are from Ikea). The feature of the weeHouses are the sliding windows from floor to ceiling, which occupy one or two complete walls of the module, allowing a magnificent view and lighting.

Its size is extremely compact and efficient, but this basic module can be expanded, adding other modules that can be connected by means of staircases, porches, or terraces. They are extremely flexible and adapt to different uses and locations. Ideal for summer house, offices or even to be installed on a roof, to expand an existing house. Click here to see the many proposals of the weeHouses.


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