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Kitchens with island: images, ideas and modern designs

Kitchen with island

We will introduce ourselves a little in the world of kitchens with islands, appreciate different styles, designs, but above all offer beautiful ideas to apply each one in your home.

The personality, profession and tastes of a person can be reflected in their kitchen. It is not always necessary to follow the rules, as the photo shows, a person with a good eye can leave the trends and still surprise with an original design.

Kitchens with rustic style island

This is a typical rustic kitchen. You can, with good lighting and good seats, make an island which is a daily meeting point both for breakfast and to accompany the one who cooks.

This image shows, a kitchen island rustic style, old wood. These are a good reason to bond with the adjacent dining room so that the transition of materials is not so contrasting.

The island can be used perfectly as a daily dining table.

Let your imagination fly, the combination of smooth walls, stone, wood and even steel give very welcoming results.

Modern style

A beautiful kitchen shows how the same materials used in the kitchen continue to the island creating the feeling of a “loft” kitchen-dining room.

Again before a situation very similar to the previous one, but simply showing another style. In this case, as you can see, the island has some very decorative shelves, with translucent doors.

The designs can be very varied, for example this can be a good option to invite a good group of friends to a pizza tasting.

A typical modern style dining kitchen. A daily dining room next to the kitchen, with an impressive island that combines with the materials of the table.

Vintage style

It is believed that kitchens should follow a format. No, this photo says it all, imagination has no limits.

Another charming vintage style, the kitchen island is an antique table, which complements it very well with the antique hanging lamps.


The classic will undoubtedly never cease to amaze us, the elegance that this kitchen imparts is unparalleled.

Combining the kitchen with the dining room can be one of the smartest decisions that can be made. The unification of the spaces helps the practicality, as well as saving space and of course contributes to the most important thing, which is to unite more people who live in the house.


The country style must not be followed rigorously, details such as luminaires can be added to get out of the rules and give the kitchen a little color.

Many times, for couples, or for families but with the purpose of secondary dining, putting an island in the kitchen with chairs, is a good option either just for breakfast and snack.

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