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Kitchens with island modern ideas and photos

Kitchens with island

Modern homes tend to integrate the environments and aesthetic lines, so as to include several functions within the same room without any divisions, so that kitchens with island, besides being very comfortable, help us to integrate it with the dining room or lounge.

Also, they are perfect for kitchen lovers, since they have more work surface and more storage capacity, besides giving us a lot of comfort.

Islands with sinks

The functionality should be the number one objective when designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, no matter what kitchen style we are talking about. That does not mean that we have to sacrifice the aesthetic, on the contrary, one of the solutions is to use a kitchen island, which can include a sink, and that can provide a lot of aesthetics.

A kitchen island can also help you set the most comfortable layout for your movements: laundry area, food preparation area, cooking zone and refrigerator.

You can consider what your preferences are when cooking, to plan what is the necessary configuration. For example: Do you like to chat with your family while you cook? Then you may need a sink on the countertop of the island, since many foods are usually cleaned, such as fruits or vegetables.

Islands with storage

Think of how many small appliances, utensils and containers you use every day and decide for which you really need to allocate space in cupboards or drawers: blender, blender, toaster, coffee maker and other items. If you are a wine consumer, you can incorporate shelves to store wines.

The tasks performed in the kitchen are many and some could not even be predicted, therefore it is essential to have clear work surfaces, shelves, hooks, trash receptacles, etc. Many times we have lack of space to store so many things, but in most cases an island can be the solution.

Islands with burners or induction plates

The best use of space has to be made to ensure that tasks can be carried out efficiently. The main advice is: make an intelligent use of space. If you consider that an induction hob or stove on the island will facilitate the task, then go ahead. Keep in mind that you must install a fume hood over it.

Modern design principles include non-toxic surfaces and devices to process healthy foods such as steam oven, automatic ignition ventilation, electronic on / off taps and many more innovations designed to create and improve a healthy lifestyle in the kitchen.

If you have guests often or a large family, you can consider double ovens and large refrigerators.

Islands with several levels

In modern kitchens aesthetics flow smoothly into unifying lines. And not only in the kitchen itself, but also, in many cases, to unify the kitchen with the dining room or living room, so that everything seems a single environment. The appliances are hidden in the cupboards, the dining table is part of the kitchen island, etc. The use of different levels can help achieve this unification. For example, one level to prepare food, and another to eat.

The architecture and design must adapt to the requirements, and if the customs and needs have changed, the design of the kitchens as well. In the integral kitchens, it is about that the electrical appliances and the furniture, form a unified set, without separations.

The environments that allow several uses are just the living and dining rooms, so the kitchen and living area very often form a single design unit.

Take advantage of the superior space

In many cases, especially in large cities, the size of homes has been greatly reduced, so we seek to make the most of each square meter. The space above the island can also be used, installing different storage options, as you can see in these images.

Dining Island

The modern way of life, the lack of time to share with family and friends, the taste for gourmet cuisine, are some of the factors that influence when designing this vital space that can be considered the heart of the house: the social kitchen, which includes a space to sit, not only to eat, but to chat, and even to work.

The contemporary lifestyle has evolved to the point of having to reinterpret the very concept of what a kitchen is. Nowadays cooking is no longer just a place where tasks related to the preparation of food are carried out, but also a space for socialization and fun.

Therefore the project must respond to multiple requirements, combining modernity and comfort, with a casual design that integrates a work area with space to entertain friends as in these examples.

Aesthetically the strongest tendency is to unify the styles of all environments. It is not simply to stick the kitchen to the dining room or living room but to mix and extend it. That the shelves of the kitchen continue those of the library, that the shape of the cabinets that contain the plates and the foods are seen of identical form that the furniture of the adjacent space.

Alexander James

How to remodel a kitchen and make it more comfortable and functional? The tendency is to unify the integral kitchen with the dining room, thus obtaining wider and brighter atmospheres, more enjoyable for the whole family.

These kitchens are designed for those who enjoy cooking delicious snacks to share with family or friends, which include high technology, good finishes and many specialized equipment that take us to a more sophisticated level in our culinary lives.

Italian kitchens Pedini

Since 1956 Italy Pedini has set standards with regard to “modern kitchen”. The name Pedini has stood out in the international market over many others for its exciting ergonomic designs of great visual richness.

The modern kitchens combine contrasting colors with soft and glossy finishes accented by pure lines in different types of woods that bring a certain degree of warmth to an ultra modern decor. It also uses stainless steel for countertops, in order to integrate beauty with functionality.

The Singular Kitchen

If you are planning to build your new kitchen or remodel the one you already have, there are several options, if you live in Spain, the best known is Ikea, which offers a great variety of modular furniture for custom kitchen at a great cost but to be assembled by you same.

Another highly recommended option is The Singular Kitchen, a German company that is dedicated to creating custom kitchens, in all styles, with interesting budgets and very flexible, while providing the appliances, to create a comprehensive kitchen at low cost.

Find your nearest store and take the plans of your kitchen, so they can give you a first idea of design that you will then modify according to your tastes and priorities.

Xey Kitchens

When it comes to projecting your new kitchen, the Spanish kitchen store Xey may be a good option to consider. Xey offers kitchens of good design, economic and with guarantee of durability.

You can see in its catalog a wide variety of models of modern kitchens or more classic, with comfortable laminate or lacquered furniture and many practical solutions to make the most of all storage possibilities.

The comfort and practicality in the kitchen are fundamental, that is why it is important to incorporate all types of systems that make life easier in our day to day.

They offer innovative and comfortable systems, such as: fully removable drawers with soft cushioning, corner fittings or baskets of different sizes that take advantage of every corner, such as the drawers under the sink with differentiated waste bins.

They also have their own system of drawing by computer, which shows you in plan, elevation and perspective the design chosen and adapted to the space available in your kitchen. You can place the automatic order online and they will send you the quote and the shipment quickly.


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