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Kitchens – photos and tips


How to take advantage of small spaces? Sometimes with simple tricks like a new color, rearrange the furniture, or look for storage solutions, they make the same room look bigger. Here we will tell you some simple tricks for small kitchens and many photos to inspire you.

Island against the wall

If the dimensions of your kitchen allow it, you can be inspired by the lower image, in which as the room is very wide and the work space on the countertop is almost non-existent, a very deep island has been placed to have more space for the preparation of food and also more storage place.

The polished wood floors are very well with the natural wood countertop and give warmth to an environment in neutral and very contemporary tones: white and stainless steel. The wall that has no risk of splashing water from the sink or cooking food was coated on a nice wallpaper.

In this kitchen a table has been installed that is very useful, which is used as a table to eat or prepare food.

American Bar

Here is a small kitchen very well resolved. The available space is long and narrow, but they have managed to make the most of it. They have even included a bar with stools or breakfast bar, which can also be used as a countertop during the preparation of the meal.

The space works as a living room, kitchen and small office. This is the place of common life of the house, to talk and listen to music while cooking, studying or working.

Define work areas

Although the kitchen is small, it can be comfortable. For this, there are three main areas of work in any kitchen: the sink (washing area), the kitchen (food preparation area) and the refrigerator. Make sure you can move comfortably between the three areas. In this kitchen all the premises that we mentioned are fulfilled.

Open shelves or sliding doors

Sometimes, if the space is very narrow, the doors of the cabinets can be very uncomfortable, in this case there are three possible solutions: sliding doors, open shelves or glass doors for storage, but beware that this last option implies having everything very neat so it looks attractive if it is going to be in sight.

Wardrobes to the ceiling

You can install cabinets up to the ceiling, so also use that space to store the enormity of things that we never have where to store.

Intelligent vertical storage

This type of vertical sliding shelves offer the possibility of ordering various kitchen utensils, while optimizing the use of space.


It can also be a good solution, a practical hook on the breakfast table with pots and bowls very close at hand.

Observe the intelligent use of each square meter of this small kitchen, achieving an amazing use of the walls.

Good lighting

The other fundamental aspect to keep in mind is the good lighting, not only for your own comfort but to achieve an amplitude effect.

With good natural lighting and probably good artificial lighting also from some light source located under the cupboard, on the countertop.

Surfaces with brightness

The reflective properties offered by glossy surfaces can not be denied. This also helps to enlarge the space.


Plants are an excellent way to add freshness to a small and stagnant space.

Separate the oven from the refrigerator

You should try to separate the oven from the refrigerator, to avoid contact between heat and cold and thus avoid the misuse and subsequent deterioration of both appliances.

Dinning room

In a kitchen for example, the first and foremost is functionality, so start by observing what your personal habits are: if you never eat in the kitchen, for example, then remove the table to give more space. But if space allows, you can create a small dining room with very practical and functional chairs.

Undercounter washer

In this kitchen, the place chosen to place the washing machine is very successful because they take advantage of the same pipes that supply and drain than the sink. A kitchen where space has been used to the fullest. In the floors of today you have to manage to use all the corners to create storage space and sometimes it is even necessary to share functions in the same environment, like this kitchen that also works as a laundry room.

Colors for small kitchens

Sky blue color

You could consider a touch of color like blue and the pink blush of this kitchen, a bright color that helps the space look more spacious and bright.


Are you looking for a cool and sun-kissed environment? White on white, in warm shades never fails. It always achieves a very classic and modern look at the same time, a large place, since the visual limits are blurred.

Black and white

In a narrow space, sometimes it is better to opt for a simple color scheme like this to keep the look as airy as possible.


A monochromatic approach keeps the environment visually clear.

Blue or teal

The blue or teal colors are colors that help create calm spaces, which would help a small space not to be overwhelming.

Bright colors

From the orange Smeg fridge to the mint green cabinets, this is an example that, if the kitchen has good lighting, you can use bold colors.

Maybe you’re looking for a touch of originality to give personality to your kitchen. If so, consider combining a rich neutral gray with a strong, sunny yellow, giving the space an instant personality.

Wall with slate paint

An accent wall painted with slate paint is used to write down the list of tasks and purchases.

Small and functional kitchens IKEA

A small but very functional kitchen is this that presents Ikea. Despite being compact, it has everything you need without neglecting design and elegance. The space is used to the maximum, since it is reduced. It even has a table that you can use both to eat and prepare food and even work.

The walls have also been used by placing many open shelves to quickly access the items you use daily, which saves space and time when storing them. They are also very useful to hang the kitchen utensils to avoid having to open and close drawers.

The drawers hidden inside the wardrobe are completely independent and allow you to take advantage of the storage space and access things easily.

The fridge has been built in under the worktop, because one of small dimensions has been chosen, ideal for those who live alone. You can place the same type of doors that have the cabinets and choose if you want it to open to the right or to the left.

The fundamental thing in a small kitchen is the organization and the maximum use of the available space but in a way that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. The bars to organize utensils on the wall are the perfect solution. You can hang pots, pans, lids or cloths, you will have them well at hand and not cramming the cabinets. The shelves also go very well aesthetically and allow you to use them as shelves in themselves or as a grid.

The open shelves are another very practical solution. This at the same time serves as a work surface, stainless steel is an easy to clean and very durable material. As it is not on the wall, you can change it if necessary, with ease.

These kitchens of very small dimensions were solved by specialists in small spaces, making the most of the few meters with functionalism, elegance and practicality.


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