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Lighting in the garden

Lighting in the garden

Your garden looks beautiful during the day. Making it look as beautiful at night is possible, with adequate lighting. We must consider that light conditions the way we see and feel, therefore it is an important tool that we must consider. It is essential to illuminate the exterior spaces as we do with the interiors, and thus they can be enjoyed not only by day but also by night. Many outdoor lighting techniques come from the theater, which seeks to create a special atmosphere.

Divide lighting in several areas

  • Work zone: either for reading, barbecues, and other activities that we do in this space at night.
  • Accented areas: either to highlight objects, sculptures, steps.
  • Decorative zone: an interest is created in a space by illuminating, for example illuminating a wall or the profile of a tree.
  • General lighting: provides light to a certain area, such as the garage entrance or a paddle court.

Different types of light for garden

Work lights

It is a great explosion of light. It is high voltage and can burn plants if they are placed too close to them. It is used to illuminate an area that we consider of special interest.

Lighting in the garden

Indirect lamps

These lights are fixed to the wall. They can be fixed at the entrance of the garden or near the door that gives access to the garden. The lighting that the garden will receive is indirect.

Turn signals

Focus on an object. This option is used to highlight a statue or a plant.


LED lights are very popular today. They provide energy savings and come in different colors. Some models even have a remote control to choose the color of the lighting. Its use in pots is also very popular.


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