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Make bowls and fruit bowls with string

With this tutorial you will learn a very simple technique that makes the wires rigid, thus creating aerial and light forms.


  • Twine or raffia
  • Vinyl glue
  • A bowl or container to use as a mold
  • Transparent film

How you do it

  1. Cover the model bowl with the film, both internally and externally;
  2. place it upside down on a sheet of newspaper to protect the work surface.
  3. Cut pieces of string or raffia about one meter long and place them in a bowl where you have diluted the vinyl glue with a little water.
  4. When the twine fibers are soaked in glue, arrange it on the mold. I advise you to go from one side of the bowl to the other creating various crossings on the bottom.
  5. Finally wrap some pieces of string all around the walls of the bowl.
    The vinyl glue becomes transparent by drying, so do not worry about having too much: at the end the original color of the string will re-emerge.
  6. Let it dry, pressing well on the twines as the glue dries; in this way you will make the structure more solid, and eventually you will be able to add a few drops of undiluted glue on the most difficult points.
  7. When completely dry (after about 24 hours) you can remove the twine bowl from the mold and remove the film. Remove any burrs of glue with scissors and your containers are ready.

You can use them for fruit (without exaggerating … they are still delicate) or other light and beautiful objects to leave on sight.

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