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Modern bathrooms 2020 trends and photos

Modern bathrooms

Today there are many options in the market for the design of modern bathrooms, whether in terms of furniture, tiles for walls, ceramics or taps, so many that when choosing it becomes difficult to make the final decision and we finish choosing us for the most traditional and sober.

Here you will find many ideas and a gallery of photos of contemporary bathrooms, where you will find many ideas to inspire you.

Brass and gold vintage

The golden accessories are back. This year, this material is taking over the faucets, showers, bathtubs and, basically, all the bathroom accessories. These charming new plumbing fixtures in warm gold tones will become a new option, adding just the right amount of depth, dimension and luxurious feel to any space.

Offered in new finishing options, such as satin and matte, this subtle change adds that traditional classic element to any space. It has the advantage of hiding fingerprints and water spots.

The elegance of the simple. The images are enough, it is not worth adding anything else about this simple and practical design, except that it will be perfect in any modern bathroom.

Industrial style toilets and vanities

While this style may not be for everyone, it is very current and will have an increase in its popularity in the coming months. Metal finishes, wood accents and tiles with industrial patterns. It provides an elegant, modern and avant-garde look.

The industrial sinks can be combined with touches of color, gold or brass details, accessories in matt black and fun tile designs to further modernize their appearance. This urban and modern style is a great option.

Tiles and tiles in interesting patterns

We are seeing a resurgence of the tiles that were once loved in past decades, as well as some new designs. We have many patterns and designs to choose from: hexagons, arabesques, diamonds, fish scales or chevron patterns in new colors and textures. These striking shapes not only adorn the floor but also the walls.

In terms of design, the bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that has been modernized with new proposals, from the functional to the merely decorative. A clear example of materials unthinkable a few years ago are these 3D tiles that offer a wide variety of options to dress the walls of contemporary bathrooms.

They can turn your bathroom into a truly unique and personal place.

Wood details

The warmer tones return, especially the wood. Various shades of wood can complement the bathroom white, blue, green or darker.

The wooden accessories combine very well with vintage and industrial trends, but also in the classic and traditional style.

White with black details

The gray color was one of the most popular in remodeling projects in previous years, however, we are moving towards darker and darker colors this season. Darker shades, specifically black, are here.

The black color is seen mainly in lighting fixtures, dressers, mirrors and other accessories, especially with matte finishes.

Color details

There has been an increase of colorful accessories in the bathrooms. These touches of color combine very well with a neutral tone, either light or dark. The specific color chosen can be used to establish a certain mood.

For example, it is said that touches of blue in homes favor relaxation. On the other hand, green evokes nature and well-being. Other colors can even improve your mood and creativity.

Bathrooms with two sinks

If you have space and budget availability, you can create an environment that resembles a spa with high quality elements, to maximize comfort and aesthetics. But it is not essential that you spend on luxury materials and accessories to obtain visually attractive, modern and functional designs.

This elegant master bathroom is a crowd pleaser, ideal for morning preparations. Those who have had a family with many children can imagine how advantageous it can be to have a bathroom like this. When the schedules overlap, being able to control the cleanliness of the children, while the father shaves and the mother puts on makeup must save a lot of time and energy.

Here are some modern designs of sinks to inspire who likes contemporary style and want to decorate your bathroom with a very defined personality.

Bathroom with dressing room

You can create a very comfortable bathroom by dividing the space in two with an interior wall, creating a dressing room and a bathroom, which can be a very practical and comfortable idea for many homes.


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