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Modern curtains 2019 for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms

Modern curtains 2019

The curtains are simple decoration accessories, but chosen with good taste and style, they have the power to enhance any space in which they are placed, since there is a wide variety of textures and styles that add a very flattering look to the rooms. That is why today we present ideas and trends of modern curtains for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

2019 Trends

A simple spread of fabric on the crystals not only helps to filter the light that enters the room, but also helps in the decoration. We will show you below some of the most notorious trends for 2019.

Gradient colors

The gradient can be very subtle like the one below.

Or with more tonalities, for example, from almost white blue to a dark and saturated blue.

The gradient can also be done in two tones, for example, from pink to brown.

Or from red to blue. As you see, there are many possibilities and very creative.

Tie and Dye

If your space lacks fun and personality, you can dye your curtains with this technique. Simple white curtains can be folded and the edges dipped in ink to arrive at an interesting pattern for a casual style decoration.

Metallic details

You can achieve a touch of luxury with metallic details. The look can be even more elegant and refined in a solid black curtain.

Interesting curtain rods

Not only can you focus on the curtains, the appearance of the bars can also help to extend an elegant touch to the space. A lucite bar with elegant brass hooks can be an excellent choice.

Stencil prints

If the curtains are of sufficient length, a stencil pattern at the edges can be a good choice without being too overwhelming.

Original ties

Like the bars, the ties can also make the curtains look elegant.

Tie with tassel

This tassel style tie is another option to transform the look of the standard curtain. Choose a color that complements the curtains.

Curtains with lace

The lace panels grazing at the bottom of the curtains will give a decorative and glamorous touch to your room.

Curtains with fringes


Large floral

With regard to floral prints, are characterized by large flowers.


As for prints, we see stripes, pictures and geometric patterns mainly.

In addition to being one of the most effective ways to add privacy to spaces, they are one of the decorative elements that have the most style to offer, being able to adopt windows, doors and as simple space separators.

Bright colors

You can also use bold colors to highlight the decoration.

Gray or pastel colors

The neutral colors stand out as being white, beige and gray, to offer your spaces a more elegant and distinguished look.

The classic neutral colors never go out of style.


But nowadays not only the use of color is important in the curtains, but textures also play a very important role, since it adds a large share of interest to them.

Being able to go from curtains in fine and delicate fabrics such as silk or other more natural origins such as linen, bamboo and natural fibers, which offer a more rustic style, ideal to incorporate into modern rooms.

Touching the floor

Modern curtains for the kitchen

The kitchen is a very particular place in the house, a place of permanent use and constant need for cleaning. That’s not why it must be a little decorated place. Here we present some curtain options for decorating your kitchen windows.

Roller blinds

They have the advantage that they can be rolled up, so as to avoid splashes of any kind that can stain them.

The roller blinds of the same color of the walls, are a good option for when you want to camouflage the curtains.

Below we see a beautiful and simple curtain, it combines well with smooth walls, although they are of other colors.

A simple fabric with a graphic printed according to the room.

Rural and country style

This is a very romantic style, in which much is resorted to floral prints, with fruits or farm animals and leaflets.

You can also use the same type of fabric and design for curtains for windows and for the underside of countertops.


Elegant, adjusted for rooms of equal elegance, allow the passage of generous luminosity.

The ones that we see below, are collected below.


Curtain of natural fibers on a simple window bar. Create a rustic atmosphere.


This red fabric hangs artistically in front of the window, creating a striking contrast of red and white.

Adding an old charm, this string of lace along a window looks great.

This curtain is created with a tablecloth with pompoms. Ideal for the kitchen door, it generates a cheerful atmosphere. It is practical and easy to do.

Many times two applications are better than one, this fabric hangs artistically on hinges of colonial shutters.

Modern curtains for the bedroom

There are infinite designs, here you will see different bedrooms with different designs of curtains. In a room with so many colors and mixtures of different patterns: flowers, stripes and polka dots; red checkered cotton curtains on an iron bar seem to dominate the mixture of patterns.

Roman curtains in black and white, and in the desk chair the same upholstery.

Curtains of thick and dark fabric that reduce glare naturally in bright rooms. The thin curtains below help protect the curtains from dust and loss of color.

Strips in various shades of yellow that hang through a white stick, the tones are very pleasing to the eye.

Long curtains to the floor, tied with fabric ties, creating a canopy effect in the master bedroom.

Velvet ribbons on the top create an elegant appearance. These tapes are not even sewn, they are neatly stuck together.

Modern curtains for the living room


Long curtains, up to the floor, making a cheerful frame on both sides of the window. Its flower design is cheerful and is not overloaded, as often happens with the curtains with this type of pattern.

The yellow and blue curtains cover the doors in the dining room and kitchen windows, thus generating the unification of the two separate spaces.

Linen curtains, maintain their shape, are resistant and soft.

A very sophisticated and simple curtain, made with striped fabric and small, antique plates. A screw must be placed on the back.

This small room, decorated in blue and white, gives a traditional touch to accentuate the pleated curtains. Highly recommended.

Simple and sophisticated curtains, easy to make, practical and very tasteful.

To print elegance to the room do not need great things, especially if you want to give a slight change. A simple white curtain can be revived by tapes stuck in the shape of an X. The curtain is also hung from simple tapes. The ribbons, in turn, are decorated with waves and buttons at the crossing points.

A Roman style curtain with colorful ribbons in its contours.

Curtain decorated with branches and flowers stuck on it; everything is made with fabrics.

You can choose a vibrant color that combines with many decorative styles and color furniture and ornaments.

But if what you want are some lighter shades that give more light to the environment, and that combine with everything then you should bet on the target.


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