How to take advantage aesthetic of a highly functional element such as an internal staircase? Many times the stairs look as if they had been completely ignored during the process of creating the project, when it should be completely upside down.

There are magnificent examples of interior staircases of contemporary design in all its variants of structure, style and materials.

Designs of modern interior staircases

Straight staircases, attached to a wall, traditional style like those we see every day, can be converted thanks to an updated design, in an element that captures the attention favorably in the decoration of the space.

Stairs of wooden steps without risers and metal railing. Despite occupying a large space, they look lighter and do not visually limit the space.

Stairs with rungs held on the wall by hidden brackets

Ladder with beam, rack or sawtooth

Suspended handrail ladder

Outdoor modern stairs

Designs of interior stairs for small spaces

The stairs can be as decorative as practical. Without a doubt, they are an element that attracts a lot of attention in the middle of a room, so we must look for the ideal type of staircase for each room and take advantage of its functional potential, in addition to connecting the floors of the house, of course.

Here you will find very interesting ideas for different types of interior stairs that take up little space.

A light and stylish staircase in a house designed by the architects Annie Han and Mihalyo Daniel, where it has been combined very well, the extraction system of the kitchen hood with a shelf for books at rest.

A heavier and more compact staircase that also makes good use of the space below to create a shelf for books and small ornaments.

The Mister Step Mini Plus open staircase takes up very little space, designed with special steps to reduce volume to a minimum without sacrificing comfort.

Levitate Architects designed this staircase that leads to an attic and transformed it into a library creating an enormous amount of storage space.

This spiral staircase is a good example of minimalist architecture. It is located in Nagoya House 01 designed by Suppose Design Office.

This Eestairs spiral staircase is a very smart solution to save space because it fits in a single square meter. It is made of steel that can be painted in any color.

Another elegant and functional way to solve two problems: connect two spaces at different heights and create plenty of space to store things.

This staircase is ideal for very small spaces, or as a replacement staircase to access an attic. You can buy here.

Another spiral staircase that occupies a minimum space of Lapeyre Stair.

This retractable ladder is a solution to really save space. It involves using simple mechanical hinges and pistons that make it fold easily flush against the wall to expand the space below and / or restrict access to an upper floor. Designed by Aaron Tang.

Spiral stairs

Spiral or spiral staircases are extremely useful when you have few square meters, because it is the way to communicate two levels with the least possible surface development. Although not the case of the examples we have selected for this post, on the contrary some look really sculptural.

There are different types, from which radiate the rungs from a central pillar, or self-supporting (without central support) or helicoidal with a hole in the center. All with extremely attractive curvatures.

Take a look at the following gallery of images of super contemporary spiral staircases, which undoubtedly constitute the focal point of these environments.

Ideas for decorating stairs

The staircase of the house, an element often forgotten from the decorative point of view. Why not play with colors, textures and imagination to revitalize it. Here are some ideas to inspire and appropriate.

The spirit of the contrast typical of the 70s inspired the decoration of this staircase, immaculate white between white walls, creates an interesting contrast with the adhesive paper of large flowers in black, gray and white.

The Scottish artist responsible for decorating this staircase Jim Lambie is known and recognized for his artwork made of colored stickers on floors and stairs. Psychedelic landscapes that even the great art galleries like the MoMA or the Tate Modern in London are interested in their work.

Far from the traditional staircase, this sculptural and ecological staircase was created by the young Swedish agency TAF of architecture and design based in Stockholm. Made up of triangular steps made of pieces of pine wood recycled from other works, it shows us how design and ecology are closely linked in the creations of the Scandinavian countries.

How to take advantage of the space under the stairs

The space occupied by the interior stairs is not minor and they generate a large residual space that in most cases is possible to take advantage of. Either by placing some shelves for books, a wardrobe, a closed closet, a piece of furniture for the television or a whole library, the stairwell can be useful.

In contemporary homes every time more space is needed to accommodate all the objects we accumulate, product of the consumer society in which we are immersed. But ironically every time smaller apartments are built, due to real estate speculation, so you have to manage to get the most out of every m2.

Look carefully at the varied gallery of furniture images below stairs and you will surely find an idea that suits your home.


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