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Modern kitchens 2019: trends and images


When designing modern kitchens, concepts such as social cooking, organic cooking, chef cooking and also the idea of personalized cooking are handled. That is to say that not only do the trends that professionals impose, but they leave space for personal creativity, they rely more on their own taste and on the combination of objects and styles to create a unique and original space.

We will see some of the trends that are presented in this year 2019 and that will remain for several years, which involve changes in the way people live. The kitchen has become a meeting place for the family, a cozy place with multiple functions, which is why you opt for open kitchens, kitchens integrated into the dining room or lounge.

Kitchen integrated to the dining room or living room

The concept of an open-plan loft is and will undoubtedly be constant over the next few years, since our way of life has changed, we are busy, time is short and we want to be in touch with our family and friends, while we carry out the mundane tasks that we sometimes have to do in the kitchen. We want to live the spaces of our house in a more relaxed and less formal way.

We could also think in the opposite way, that it is this tendency that has influenced the lifestyle, benefiting communication in our family, through various spaces designed efficiently.

In fact, the proposals articulated in architecture, respond to the need for communication in our homes whether in kitchens that have a classic, modern, traditional or artisanal design.

More than ever, we want our kitchens to be social places. More and more islands or cooking bars are more complete that become the center of attraction of space. They include sink, storage space, plus some cooking and seating equipment.

The new kitchen designs include multiple workstations that provide optimal functionality for different social life situations.

Non-traditional furniture is used for a kitchen as a comfortable sofa. The concept of social and comfortable cuisine goes beyond the simple breakfast space to which we were already accustomed. Details such as fireplaces, paintings, sophisticated lighting fixtures of any size and type help create the feeling that one is truly in a living area.

Wide windows

The tendency is to use larger windows in width and height to create a sense of space and add architectural interest as in the other rooms of the house. Alternative finishes, textures and new products that add sophistication to the environment.

Ecological kitchens

The importance that the concept of sustainable life has acquired in our daily life is reflected in the products that the market offers. Great progress has been made in the manufacture of products that collaborate with the use of energy in recent years, whether in taps, cabinets, floors, tiles or countertops made with recycled or certified materials as environmentally safe.

The conservation of water and energy is our great collective objective. Lighting devices have also made great strides in the issue of energy savings as seen in CFLs and LED devices. You can have even a touch of glam in the kitchen with energy saving in the way of illuminating the sink or countertop.

And finally you can not talk about ecological design without taking into account the integral longevity. And if we want longevity in the products of our kitchen we must demand real quality articles.

Natural materials

Environmental awareness brings with it the desire to re-experience the natural, the natural textures of wood, metals, stone and fabrics are again appreciated. Parallel to this trend returns the enjoyment of handmade things. The preference for the artisan and imperfect, the organic forms, over the perfection of the articles made in series.

Custom kitchen

The main trend in kitchen designs for 2019 as well as for years to come, does not consist of fashion color, or the most modern equipment, but of design itself. The main thing is the modifications that reflect changes in the contemporary way of life.

Your personal touch can be given by simple details or by creating a completely handmade kitchen like this, the important thing is that it suits your needs, reflects your style and you feel comfortable and identified in the space of your creation.

Many companies work creating spaces that adapt to each way of life, respecting the idea that each person has their own kitchen. It is in this framework that this modern personalized kitchen arises, according to the taste and needs of a young couple.

Below we see the image of a kitchen in L with a bar where to share informal meals or chat with friends while preparing food. The intense colors give a cheerful and fun touch and combine very well with the white of the cabinets.

Then we see that an original decoration with mirrors was placed, which visually enlarges the space of the kitchen.

An open shelving system provides enough storage space to have a clean and spacious kitchen


If you are looking for a modern and discreet storage solution this solution is excellent. This modern kitchen, with smooth and achromatic surfaces, draws attention for two things: the lamp that stands out in such a “minimalist” context and the floating shelves of rustic wood.

Another excellent solution, cabinets that occupy the entire wall.

A shelf like this, allows you to store large objects, tableware and crockery for everyday use, easy and practical to access.

Every house always needs storage space for many things. This is really a very good solution and aesthetically attractive.


If you are about to remodel your kitchen and look for ideas to give a total change of image to this special space of the house, you can be inspired by this selection of contemporary design kitchens.

A kitchen decorated with bulbs that hang from a barral ceiling is certainly a very economical and elegant solution.

Functional and attractive kitchens in different styles, for all tastes, that combine quality natural materials with very stylish lighting systems.

Wood countertops

The wooden countertops are a very good alternative in the design of modern kitchens. Without a doubt, granite is the most used material, but wooden countertops, with the right care, have a very good durability and a wonderful appearance.

Any kitchen surface has its pros and cons, but solid wood presents a few advantages such as: aesthetically they are very attractive, the surface has a warmer and more natural feel, they are treated with a minimum of chemical components, which It makes extremely safe in contact with food. They are also easier to cut and install.

On the other hand, they are more prone to water damage, spots, scratches or cuts if they are not properly treated. But unlike the rest of the materials, any type of mark can be removed very easily by sanding the surface.

The wooden countertops are often used as kitchen island tops, also in the sink, only in some sections of the countertop or as a butcher block that can be removed as a drawer or basket.

As for the price, wooden countertops usually have a higher price than laminated countertops, but they are much less expensive than granite countertops, solid or steel surfaces.

Hidden outlets

The great disadvantage of the technology is that in most cases it depends on power outlets and unsightly cables. Electrical cables and data cables are often traversed in the field of view, to the detriment of the natural beauty of an environment. Luckily there are new ways to hide the cables.

The kitchen is the place where more energy is required due to the quantity of appliances that are handled.


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