Home Interior Design Modern offices at home: photos and ideas

Modern offices at home: photos and ideas

Home offices

The home office has become one more space in many homes, since, thanks to the computer and the internet, there are many people who work at home. Create a workspace at home that reflects your style, simple but comfortable and with everything you need. Let’s see some examples to inspire you.

Desk with personality

The home office should not be relegated to a desk in a corner. With few elements and good taste, we can create a functional, comfortable and stylish space.

There are a variety of desks, for all tastes: very sober, masculine, feminine, minimalist or vintage, the important thing is to create a space that combines with the decoration of your home, with your personal style and your needs.

You can give your office a timeless look. It combines a modern desk, with a classic carpet and a metal chair covered in imitation leather, to achieve an elegant combination of old and new elements.

This glazed wall offers the ideal place for a home office area. The trestle table provides enough space to work comfortably and adds a relaxed touch to the space.

Whenever possible, always place the desk in front of a window to make the most of light and sight. An elegant lamp hangs from the ceiling, while a desk lamp offers direct lighting for practical tasks.

The original thing in this office is that a mirror has been placed behind the shelves, which makes the space look much wider than it is.

You can build an office at home with a lot of style, perfectly integrated to the contemporary design that you have chosen for your room. Nowadays everything becomes more compact and with good design, so that you can have everything necessary and well organized in minimal spaces.

Color details

Choose a piece with some small color detail like that of the lamp’s wire, which is repeated on the edge of the carpet and paints the bottom of the blinds. In a monochromatic scheme like this a bright color that is repeated somewhere else, gives uniformity and coherence to the space.

This black table works well with a modern chair, and a floral patterned carpet.

It is not necessary to buy monotonous office supplies when the storage boxes come in beautiful designs and you can use almost any container to put the pencils, clips, etc. (cups, vases, trophies).

Shelves and organizers

A wall-to-wall bookcase will keep your books and office files in order and create a balanced and peaceful environment, perfect for working.

Pottery Barns has a line of organizers consisting of wonderful modular wall systems, where you can store a variety of items. From the classic organizers to classify mail and office supplies and cork boards, to high-definition audio and video equipment, all organized in modules that can be easily moved hanging from a stainless steel rail.

You can also incorporate a module that consists of a 6 “digital frame that reproduces photos, videos and MP3 directly from a memory card, a digital camera or from the computer. Or you can add a 15 “high definition TV screen where you can watch digital images, movies or music.

The most original is a recharging station for electronic devices with capacity for 6 cell phones, conceived as a single unit, this component has a slate on one side and the storage cubes with a power cord, on the other.

Small modern offices

Do you need to assemble a complete office at home and well organized? Do you also have very little space?

This small office has an elongated plant of a few 15m2, but the space has been maximized so that two people can work comfortably, in a very pleasant and well resolved environment.

The work area has been placed in front of the window taking advantage of the lighting and the view and the storage area, printers and other accessories are concentrated on the opposite wall. Although the support surfaces are plentiful, since they occupy the entire perimeter, the table can be further extended with an extendable table.

A colorful carpet to give personality and brighten the space.

Take advantage of unused spaces

A home office does not have to be big, it can be installed in an unused corner, a corridor or even in a narrow space like this that may well have been a balcony that has now been closed and conditioned with plenty of storage space. The mirror on the wall in front of the window creates the feeling of a much larger space.

Here we show you two images with examples of offices in unconventional places.

Transforms a wardrobe into an office

Do you think you do not have enough space for a home office? With a little time and some low-cost items, you can transform a small closet into a practical and beautiful workplace.

The idea is to maximize every square centimeter with intelligent storage solutions, so the disaster behind closed doors that was that closet becomes a useful place and worthy of being shown with pride.

The first thing you have to take into account is to paint the wall or cover them with wallpaper with a nice design, as we see in the image below.

To make the most of the space, cork boards or perforated boards can be screwed into the interior of the doors to hang accessories with hooks.

The chair that is Ikea, is very practical thanks to the wheels and an adjustable seat, it slides easily and at the same time has a feminine style that combines metal with wicker.

The shelves should be light so as not to overwhelm the tiny room.


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