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Moroccan decoration – photos and ideas to get inspired

Moroccan decoration

The decoration of oriental style is tendency lately, a beautiful style that is characterized by the decoration of all the elements of the set, be it the walls, the ceilings, the floors, the furniture and all the objects. Here we show you some examples of Moroccan decoration for your inspiration.

Moroccan lounges

The decoration of the rooms in Moroccan houses is basically characterized by the great color and variety of materials and textures in cushions, rugs and rugs, which are used even to line the walls. Of different shapes and sizes, with very elaborate designs of non-figurative geometric motifs, or with Arabic calligraphy that usually cite phrases from the Koran that form beautiful arabesques.

Another feature that distinguishes this style are tile mosaics that form beautiful and intricate designs. The compositional principle is based on repetition and stylization. The result is a dynamic effect, where no detail dominates the set achieving designs of complete harmony and tranquility, where tensions dissolve.

As for the Arabic style furniture, nowadays beautiful original or imitation pieces are obtained in carved wood in any part of the world. Low rectangular, circular or polygonal tables with incredible handmade carvings, sometimes with metal inlays, tiles or mirrors that are true pieces of art.

The ethnic decoration can not be defined, it is eclectic, colorful and above all, unique. The objects of Moroccan art are very appreciated in contemporary decorations. A painting, a sculpture, a basket or a piece of furniture can function as a focal point to compose the decoration of a modern space.

The niches in the walls as shelves supplant furniture in many cases crowned by arches or warheads typical of Arabic architecture.

Artisans have been crafting beautiful furniture for centuries, which narrows the gap between African traditional art and functional decoration. Beautiful ornaments with complex designs of different shapes and sizes, made by men and women who master the traditional techniques of craftsmanship. Beautiful fabrics with typical Moroccan designs.

Finally we must take into account the lighting, for which you can use several focal points with different types of lamps, there are beautiful, very varied and original.

Bedrooms in Moroccan decoration

The image below is from Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, an amazing boutique hotel built by Maryam and her architect husband. It is worth observing each room carefully, because each detail is unique and has been selected with care and great dedication.

The perfect blend of traditional Moroccan style with modern touches that make this place a real gem.

The mural in gold and black is impressive and has been made by hand with stencil or stencil, with a design based on vintage embroidery.

I hope you enjoy these images of non-traditional bedrooms and take some ideas to incorporate in the design of your own spaces.

Moroccan gardens

A dream place in Morocco, more precisely in Marrakech. Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel is the ideal destination for lovers of exotic travel and who want to share their knowledge or learn in a place that is an excellent source of inspiration.

The boutique hotels are characterized by their intimate and cozy style very different from the environments of the large hotel chain groups. It’s like staying in a friend’s house with style, unconventional and surprising.

A row of fountains in a garden lead to the treasures of the Peacock pavilions. Everything there, every corner, every detail, has a story to tell, whether it’s a table that was once the background of a car from India, the masks of West Africa, the lamps designed by the hostess, Maryam, or the floors and ceilings made in stencil by artists from around the world.


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