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Multifunction beds for small bedrooms

Beds for Small Bedrooms

The reduced spaces are a problem with which we have to deal with many people every day, with the only search to make them as profitable as possible, trying to cover as many functions in each element that we use. For that reason, we will see a simple multifunction beds for small bedrooms, which can be a great solution to this problem.

Take advantage of all the space against the walls

That is the secret of this type of beds. The space against the wall is used to the maximum, leaving more free square meters in the center of the bedroom, creating spaciousness and much more comfort. We can find excellent designs, like these by Seri Mengot, which are one of the best today. In this image below, we see a bed with the attached desk, and a curved wardrobe, which allows to take advantage of the corner of the bedroom. The shelves hanging on the wall are also a solution to the limited space.

Take advantage of the space under the bed

When the space is needed, it is not so much, you can choose the option of a somewhat higher bed, containing storage drawers and an extra mattress, for when friends or friends come to sleep at home. In the bottom photo, the closet is next to the desk, which in turn, is attached to the bed.

If there is greater need for space, you can opt for an option that does not include extra mattress, but that has several more drawers to store clothes, towels, bedding and shoes, among many other things. A series of shelves on the wall, are also an excellent option.

High beds

Now, if the lack of space is really important, especially if it is more than one person sleeping in the same room, then for that case, the best idea is to place a high bed, which is five feet high and below there is a large closet, to store the clothes and personal belongings of the people in the bedroom.

In addition to the bed options, Sergi, the person in charge of these designs, offers modular shelves that are hung from the wall and can be arranged in the way you want, since they are cubes that are placed one above the other, depending on how many are needed. .

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