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Patios and gardens with little grass

gardens with little grass

When we think about the different options that are offered to us when wanting to decorate or redesign a garden, the first thing that we contemplate is the natural environment that will be given to it. The grass as one of the first options has ceased to be a trend in decoration, mainly in the back gardens or interiors. This change in the use of the grass is due to the care that is necessary to maintain a truly worthy garden, this includes reseeding and cutting.

However, we find other ideas that can stand out in your garden and that will make it a truly unique space. In this book you will find some of these ideas for you to implement in your home and give it the style you want, personal and unique.

Make sure you get advice from a professional for this task.

Desert gardens

Let’s start by denoting that this element in the decoration of the soil of your garden does not require maintenance. Their resistance and durability leave them as the first option to choose. Size is important because you can customize the design of your environment according to your needs and tastes.


As you can see in this sample, the different sizes of stones give a beautiful and natural style to your garden. With large stones that surround and delimit the sown areas, and some smaller ones as fill, they substitute what we would cover with the grass.

Roads in wood

This idea that we bring you shows an ideal environment for a larger garden, an outdoor space that you can take advantage of to enjoy a coffee and a good book. As you can see, what would normally be grass is replaced by a cobblestone that combines perfectly with the plants sown around.

In the center there are pieces of the same material as resting points that define that space as the social area where you can place any furniture.

The versatility of this material will allow you to create multiple designs in your garden. From roads or silver high forms, to pots and decoration pieces. We will show you some options that you can take note of to give an incredible style to your garden or patio.

As we see in this image, we do not find that a high bridge-style path that crosses the garden. As you can see, it complements perfectly with the stone in the ground as we mentioned previously.

You can have your garden as you like since this work allows you enough space for the planting of all types of plants.

As we have seen in different scenarios, the possibilities you have are limited to what you want to do with that space and turn it into an environment without equal. But wood can not only be used to build roads, you can also use it to design pots, or pieces where you can hang plants on the wall.

As an additional element for the decoration of your garden are the plants, since with them you will end up giving the natural touch to your space. Our experts recommend colorful plants, that give life and beauty to the garden and that way you can enjoy the comfort that nature provides, with a durable and comfortable design.

Do you like gardens with little grass?


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