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Pools for small spaces. If you can!

Today we share pool installation ideas for small spaces. Because if you have the illusion of bathing in your mini garden, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We anticipate that you can, and we will show you how. However small your terrace, patio, or garden area is, there is an ideal pool for that place. And if you are thinking that you are going to have to give up the little leisure space you have, you don’t have to settle. There are in the market some covers for swimming pool with which you are going to hallucinate. Well, they not only serve as protection against accidents but they will allow you to use those meters that you need so much when you are not in the water. How I tell you! Surely you want to know more.

Pools for small spaces

Read on to find out everything you need to consider when installing your pool in your small plot. We start!

Models of pools for small gardens and patios!

Having a small garden or patio is no longer an impediment to enjoying a swimming pool. The specialist companies have far exceeded this challenge and offer us multiple options. A pool is considered small when it does not exceed 10 m2. These are the most recommended models of pools for small gardens. Take note and above all be inspired by our selection of images.

The first option is the removable pools. Because of their size and price they are the most useful and used. But they are still a provisional element. The detachable pools I see rather for grandparents’ house, for rented homes, or for people who are allergic to the works. And although at any given time they perform their function, I advise you something more in the long term if you are going to install a pool in a home of your property. Such as an elevated pool. Before continuing we have to clarify that although the removable pools are also elevated, we refer to permanent elevated models. Those that are not mounted or disassembled depending on the season of the year.

Small elevated construction poolsSmall elevated construction poolsSmall elevated construction poolsSmall elevated construction poolsSmall elevated construction pools

And that said, you will understand that the main feature of an elevated pool is that it is installed on the ground, so you do not need to dig a hole or pit, thus saving time and money. The elevated pools are in fashion and little by little they are gaining ground and prominence. They can be both work and prefabricated. And if we talk about the materials tell you that the options are innumerable. The last of the latest are steel pools or glass-walled pools.

Small glass walls poolsSmall glass walls pools

And as a personal contribution tell you that my favorite elevated pools include a wooden structure or terrace, with its stairs and everything. They are cute. What do you think?

Small wooden poolsSmall wooden poolsSmall wooden pools

Finally, the buried pools are the ones that best integrate into the space. They are permanent installations, of great durability, and of traditional style, because more than 80% of the Spanish swimming pools are of this type. They are usually built on site and require the services of a worker or specialist company. Its advantage is that its size is fully customizable and you can adapt it to the space, terrain or shape of your garden or patio.

Small buried poolsSmall buried poolsSmall buried pools

Do you already know the types of pools for small spaces that exist? Well, if you still have doubts we will make it easier for you. With our list of advantages of small pools. Well, even if you have a mega garden, we also recommend it.

Covers of passable pools

This is the icing on the cake! And just what you need if you are going to install your small “buried” pool in your mini garden or patio. Because we imagine that you will be using the space to dine outdoors or to relax in the fresh. And we also imagine that it will cost you a lot to give up this way of life. Well, you don’t have to! As we advanced at the beginning, there are fantastic covers, which will allow you to take advantage of the pool space at night, or when not in use.

Covers of passable poolsCovers of passable pools

They are based on a system of mobile irons that move automatically. They cover the gap in addition to supporting the weight of people. We have found models that cover the pool from the outside and other mobile floor models that ascend and descend from the bottom of it.

Advantages of installing a small pool

As we have said, installing a small pool in your home has other advantages that we will reveal below. For us the most important benefit is in saving water and in the ease of cleaning and maintenance. But there are more advantages. A small pool has a lower cost and the manufacturing and delivery time is also much shorter. In addition, if you opt for a high model, you will not even have to request permission for works. Small pools need less expense on specific products. And finally encourage you to value more possibilities. An elevated pool can also be installed on a terrace, a roof, etc …

Advantages of installing a small pool

Are you ready to enjoy your mini pool? Don’t turn it over. You deserve it!

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