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Practical and beautiful ideas for organizing and hanging necklaces

Although the frenetic rhythm of everyday life leads us to end up without the accessory, the truth is that ours well deserve a well thought out place at home. And is that more and more accessories that we like to incorporate into the daily outfit, and among scarves, hats, earrings, glasses and a long etc. that only you know, the smallest always ends up staying at the bottom of a drawer than the Long will you give up or you will simply forget. The jewelry is a clear example of this, so today, focusing on one of the most visual elements, we show you a few ideas for hanging necklaces to get the most out of everyone you have in the most visual and functional way possible. Take a good note and don’t lose any detail, let’s start!

hang necklaces

Together with the rest of the accessories

Wearing your necklaces hanging next to the rest of the accessories that you usually wear in your day-to-day dance will be a great way to end up combining them all without exception. In the example I show you below, as a hall and through wooden boxes to dress more space, small hooks have been screwed at a precise distance to have all your necklaces organized without getting mixed.

hang necklaces IV

Customize a wooden ribbon

A great idea the sea of ​​simple to materialize, part of cut a ribbon to the length that you think best, screw on the bottom face some screws with steel hook along its entire length and since you are, also line the front with a cork sheet that allows you to nail your earrings in the most comfortable and fastest way. Undoubtedly a super practical initiative that will take you very little time to materialize and with which to hang necklaces next to the rest of your jewelry, you will be the sea of ​​comfortable while also saving time.

hang necklaces II

Tuned cabinets

Would you rather the place where you hang them is closed? A closet of dimensions similar to those of a medicine cabinet or the typical cabinet that you can find in the market to hang keys, may be more sufficient to maintain order when hanging necklaces, bracelets or accessories of similar size. Customize it to your liking completely or simply inside to do it to you, et violà! You will have a closet as decorative as practical in record time and in the room that is most comfortable for your presence.

hang necklaces III

Hung very visually

A beautiful way to hang and even display your necklaces, to use a ribbon that vertically you can stick small sticks of circular or square section perpendicular to the larger. Play also with the length of the finest and create shapes with which to bring an original and authentic touch to the wall where you go to stick it or screw it. The results can become total magazine!

hang necklaces V

Give it the most natural touch

If what you want is a natural jewelry organizer, you will not believe in the beginning what a simple branch can do for you. But as a picture is worth a thousand words, look how they got it in the bathroom that I want to share with you next. Originally there is no one to beat him right?

hang necklaces VII

Hang necklaces Starring your favorites

As in everything, we always have our favorites. And as they deserve a special place, what do you think if we give them the prominence they deserve? Natural wood triangles, an articulated hand, an element or decorative figure that lends itself to use and to which you have a unique appreciation … Use them to shape a decorative composition on a shelf, a dresser or the ledge of a work headboard, it will certainly be great.

hang necklaces VI

All in sight and at hand

A practical and great necklaces organizer on your dresser, dressing table or in your own dressing room can be as much as you need to keep order at bay between them. Look at the one that has given rise drilling a bamboo cane!

hang necklaces VIII

Wearing shooters

To incorporate very different handles as a hanger, will give the room in question a vibrant and unique look to encourage you to hang necklaces in an original way.

hang necklaces X

Grow in height to gain space

If you are short in width, growing in height so you do not have to give up putting all you have will be what suits you best. You will decorate your wall at the same time And how much your frantic daily rhythm will be appreciated!

hang necklaces IX

As you can see, hanging necklaces can become as simple as original and very visual task with which you will gain in functionality and time saving when dressing. Bet on the idea that best suits your necklaces and you and do not run out of yours!

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