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pros, cons and keys to choose it

Wood is one of the most beautiful and versatile materials when decorating a house. And for that, it has a place in any environment, Whatever your style and functionality. Today we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of choose wood in the kitchen, so you can decide if, after all, it is a good option for you.

wood in the kitchen

In terms of decoration, one of the most effective ways to achieve warm and welcoming environments is to use wood, in all its forms. It is one of the most versatile materials that can be used in interior design. Its beauty, the wonderful veins it possesses, its special texture, etc. Everything is great … or not? Keep reading and you will discover what you can get (and what you can miss) if you want to use wood in the kitchen.

Is it worth decorating with wood in the kitchen?

wood in the kitchen

There are many benefits that will bring you to incorporate this material in your kitchen. For starters, it has a great decorative capacity, thanks to its natural beauty In addition, it is capable of making the spaces much more welcoming.

Timber It has a nice texture, and there are many types with different shades and veins, so you will have a wide range of options to choose from. And although the wooden surfaces require certain care and a certain maintenance, they are easy to clean.

Another advantage of choosing wood in the kitchen is that it is about a timeless material, That will never go out of style. Is easy to combine with other materials like steel or glass, and it is versatile. In addition, it adapts smoothly to kitchens of all decorative styles.

Not all are advantages

wood in the kitchen

The main drawback of using wood in the kitchen is the deterioration that can affect the surfaces of this material if they enter in contact with water and moisture. Some woods, especially softer ones, will suffer more from the disadvantages of being exposed in humid areas.

To avoid it, it is convenient choose another type of wood more resistant to water like teak, iroko or beech. Although it is best to leave wood for elements and areas where it is not in direct contact with water. If you use it on the countertop, try not to accumulate water in the sink area.

Another disadvantage that wood shows when used in the kitchen is that, being a porous material, it is necessary be careful with certain spots so that they do not penetrate and are already impossible to eliminate. It is necessary to treat the wood and waterproof it with a special varnish. In addition, it will be necessary to sand and renew the varnish every so often. This maintenance is done with special products that also help prevent bacteria from accumulating in the wood.

Different woods for different styles

At the time of choosing the type of wood that your kitchen will do better, you will have to value different things. To get started, the light woods like maple or birch they do very well at Nordic style kitchens, especially if you combine them with white surfaces.

Or you can choose medium tone woods such as beech (resistant and with a slightly reddish hue) or oak (which is very suitable for rustic-style kitchens). Combine them with dark surfaces with which you can create beautiful contrasts.

Between the darker woods, The cherry and walnut stand out. The first is very exclusive, as it is quite expensive. You can look great in glamorous and elegant kitchens. Walnut, on the other hand, is more common. It has very warm tones that combine easily with other finishes, colors and materials.

Where can we incorporate the wood?

There are many ways to incorporate wood into the kitchen. It is not necessary to limit yourself to cabinets or countertops. One of the surfaces that can be wooden in the kitchen It is the ground. It is true that parquet or flooring can deteriorate due to moisture, but you can always use a good treatment that protects them. Or, much better, choose a nice laminate flooring that faithfully recreate the appearance of the star material.

The ceiling can also be made of wood in a kitchen, especially in those of country houses, decorated in a rustic style. Beautiful beams They are the perfect counterpoint in a minimalist kitchen, for example. Straight lines and smooth surfaces you can contrast with the wooden ceilings.

Another way to add wooden elements in the kitchen is to choose it for complementary furniture, such as tables, chairs or sidewalks.

You see that there is no single way to decorate the kitchen with wood, although all can be a success. Which is your favorite?

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pros, cons and keys to choose it

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