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Recycled doors 10 ideas to decorate with them

If you are a lover of decoration and the taste for the old is one of your great passions, the protagonists of today’s reading may steal your heart completely. And it is that beyond the brightness of the new furniture, the homogeneous surfaces and the guarantees of the pieces that the market offers us today, a world of decorative possibilities can open before our eyes. I talk to you about the taste for the old. The furniture with solera to which we can give second chances that high doses of love and dedication will be responsible for transforming into unique and unrepeatable pieces to look and have the luck to enjoy at home. And as proof of this, today we focus on the Recycled doors and giving you lots of good ideas to make them part of our house in the most original and beautiful way. Don’t lose detail that we started!

recycled doors XI

Close spaces with them

If you have an open storage space that you currently want to close, recycling old doors to get it will be a unique, special idea and of great character for the stay in which you decide to accommodate them. Preserving its original aesthetic or adapting its surface to the image and color gamut of the new space in which they will meet, they will get all the attention and prominence of the place, almost by magic.

recycled doors

A screen

Decorating with old doors can be a unique bet with which to multiply comfort and harmony at home while welcoming a unique, exclusive piece of life in your home. Doing it through recycled doors that make up a screen with which to divide environments, will be an idea as functional as visual If it is an element that you need in your day to day.

recycled doors X

Premiere table

Whether you have a door of marked value to you, as if you burn in the desire to show off all its details in the most original way, turn it into your dining room or coffee table, it will be the option that you are undoubtedly looking for. You will enjoy it day after day while your decoration acquires an air as personal as nostalgic and completely unique!

recycled doors VIII

Sliding doors with hearth

Betting on sliding doors at home is always a functional and practical option. But to materialize them using recycled doors and with long life behind them will already be the most. And it will be as simple as getting a rail seen in which to screw them. No more no less. Bet on your original aesthetic to show off the air of tradition without equal in the room, or encourage them to personalize if what you want is to make them be part of the environment in which you are going to accommodate them.

recycled doors II

Boasts mirror

Using recycled doors for a mirror of the most atypical and original, can become another great way to get the most out of an old door that you have looked at. After all, granting them functionality will be what ends up making them indispensable and irreplaceable pieces at home.

recycled doors V

A very special back

Use them as rear to give rise to the piece of furniture of greater age and character of house, it will be another great and varied idea to show them off And as for a button, see how they have set up this piece of furniture that serves as a shoe remover, coat rack and support surface. A great piece to incorporate into a hall, don’t you think?

recycled doors IV

A very personal clothes rack

Although without hangers it would lead to a super authentic photo frame (which is also another nice option to consider), in this case also, hooks have been incorporated into your free space. And why decide when you can enjoy both?

recycled doors VI

Base for your ambient light points

A great way to save yourself rubbing on the wall if you want to put sconces directly on it. In the case of the bedroom, it will give you a romantic and original touch on both sides of the bed and on the bedside tables. If it is another room, you will give prominence to your recycled doors while you accompany the space with a warm touch of ambient light.

recycled doors IV

Recycled doors A unique touch to your shelves

Use them as front for your shelves It can give you great results. Add a bottom coinciding with the height at which its holes are and et violà!

recycled doors IX

Customize your headboard

Original headboards for the bedroom you can find many, but without a doubt to shape yours through an old or recycled door, it will give a very special character and harmony to your most intimate and personal stay.

recycled doors IV

As you can see, recycled doors can do a lot for the decoration of your home.

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