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Rooms for girls – decorating ideas and colors 2019

Rooms for girls

We show you below some ideas for decorating rooms for girls, for example, themes to be inspired and color palette that can be used and will be in fashion in 2019. Take a look.

Colors for girls rooms

Neutrals and rose

The color palette chosen is very simple, it combines neutral tones, with different shades of pink. The gray tones help to neutralize all the shades of pink used, and in this way, the room is not saturated, which with too much pink, could be overwhelming.

This girl bedroom, besides being charming, shows us several good ideas to be inspired. It is a good example of how a friendly and fun space can be achieved through simple resources, creating different corners within the same environment that invite the game and let the imagination fly. Pastel pink combined with gray and beige, results in a very delicate room.


These two rooms of girls that we will see next, combine the coral color, as predominant, with touches of its opposite in the chromatic circle: mint green. This manages to balance the coral color, a color that can be too strong if it is not balanced.

However, the furniture, the patterns of the fabrics and the details make them two very distinct rooms. The first bedroom could be for a girl and the second one for a romantic and very feminine teenager.

Light blue

The blue-colored bedroom can be combined with neutrals and with a touch of pink, fuchsia or green.


Neutral colors such as gray or beige are also widely used in rooms for girls. So that the little one does not feel in a too formal room, add touches of striking colors in the accessories.

They can also be accompanied with pale pastels such as pink or yellow. They are very elegant bedrooms.


Lilac shades are also fashionable, and are perfect for a feminine and delicate environment, which will surely delight a little girl.

Flashy cakes

The pastel tonms that remind us of the colors of ice cream and sweets, are having a great presence in all areas of the home, and are perfect for girls.

They are colors that convey a lot of joy.

A good idea to exhibit the works of art of the little girl.

Decoration themes


This is one of the most creative and inspiring girl themes, which allows us to create absolutely fantastic decorations and stories. Specialists in children’s furniture and creative interior designs for children are able to transform a room into a magical, functional, unique and personal space.

We can give life to favorite fairy tales and dreamy places, with a good dose of imagination, incredible designs and a bit of craft skill.

As we see in these images, the possibilities are endless, just like you put them. We can choose a tenuous palette of grays and roses, or a palette of vibrant colors.

Garlands of lights can help us create this type of decoration.


Inspired by the legends of knights and princesses, this bed decorated with a delicate canopy, looks absolutely dreamy. It complements perfectly with the colors of the walls, furniture and accessories.

This adorable princess bedroom, unlike traditional pink rooms, emphasizes an old pink and gray base, and pink is used in a delicate and discreet way.


In this bedroom for two girls a very original solution has been found: the lower bed was placed perpendicular to the top one for a better use of the space. And underneath has been placed a small table, which is used for various purposes.

This is the ideal room for any girl, the bedroom is separated from the playroom. You can climb a wall, and reach an upper area that acts as a refuge, protected by a network. It also includes a tube that acts as a very original armchair and includes shelves and a space to study.

In addition to the ladder to go up and down, the children’s bed has a fun slide.


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