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Rustic houses – ideas of decoration and architecture

Rustic houses

The rustic style is one of the favorite for the architecture, design and decoration of a house. This style has many variants, depending on the region and culture, so we will show you below some pictures of beautiful rustic houses from different parts of the world.

Rustic houses in Spain

We continue with this beautiful house in Cerdanya, Spain. This town between the mountains of the Pyrenees, is two and a half hours by car from Barcelona. It not only attracts tourists but also people who want a second home for the weekends.

Somewhere in Cerdanya, there is a small and charming rural area with a nucleus of only 20 houses. Here, in this beautiful setting surrounded by fields and meadows, an old house was rehabilitated and transformed by Dom Arquitectura.

This is an architecture studio located in Barcelona and, although much of the team’s attention is directed to sustainable and ecological projects, its experience is very wide thanks to the diversity of projects carried out in the fields of architecture, landscape and Interior design, as well as renovations and remodeling.

The intelligent use of materials and the selection of styles allowed them to perfectly integrate this residence into their environment by conserving certain original elements and adding new ones. It was a group of buildings formed by a barn, a warehouse and a small house, and the work of the team was to rehabilitate them all to transform them into a house with pavilions of adjacent guests.

The house faces south and, together with the pavilions, has an area of 603 square meters. Instead of replacing these structures with completely new ones, the architects chose to maintain the existing buildings and rehabilitate their facades and ceilings and create a new distribution of the interior spaces, which is adapted to the needs and requirements of the client.

A house in Spain, Mallorca, which has a beautiful rustic approach, looks a lot like the kind of luxury country house that always awaits you for a perfect getaway in a peaceful environment.

Everything focuses on the outdoor spaces. The swimming pool with resting areas covered by flowing curtains that flow in the wind, the outdoor terrace in which an outdoor dining table is placed are just some of the elements of the house that invite its inhabitants to go out to the Sun.

But all this does not mean that the interiors are in any way less important. Beiges and whites abound, which bring a lot of warmth.

Rustic houses in Greece

These beautiful Mediterranean-style houses are located in Greece, more precisely in the Greek islands, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The typical Mediterranean buildings with their white lime walls contrast with the splendor of the blue sky. Local stone and lots of wood to integrate into the landscape.

Simplicity is the beauty of this type of design. Cool interiors with very high ceilings, rustic furniture of noble woods and others painted in bright colors. It is mainly used white color with bright turquoise touches, a combination that never fails.

Country house in France

It is worth seeing this photo gallery to be inspired by this magnificent house in the French countryside. The owners, passionate about architecture and the art of living, have restored this old house in a spirit of simplicity, paying special attention to the notions of space, calm and light and using only pure natural materials: stone, lime, concrete , wood and linen.

It is a very large property, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards where every detail is simple and perfect. Spaces clean, bright, much white, dull blue, gold and wood, with tiny details, which make this rural house an ideal place to live.

Paradise house in Bali

Bambu Indah is a radically distinctive boutique hotel in Ubud, carefully designed by John and Cynthia Hardy. In 2005, eleven old Javanese houses were brought to Bali, restored and decorated with the best details.

Take a look inside the five floors of this amazing pagoda house in Bali, a true paradise in the midst of lush vegetation.

The bedrooms have a typical aspect of Indonesian decoration, with a casual mix of old Java furniture, whose robustness withstands the wear and tear of time.

All bedrooms have large windows with flowing curtains, to give some privacy but at the same time retaining the light airy appearance that characterizes the entire house.

Chiara hangs on a swing near the dining room. The small pond runs through the house to the garden, and the girls row around it in a wooden canoe.

A place to relax during the day like this antique Chinese wedding bed, which is located in a corner of the ground floor, where girls and their mother often sit together after meals.

Recover, reuse, recycle. A reclaimed wooden staircase leads to all floors. All the support columns of the house are electric iron poles, rescued when the local utility company was updated by the concrete.

The bathroom has an unusual design, with curved walls covered in bamboo and woven curtains, a brass washbasin on a rustic wooden countertop, and bathroom curtains made of saris.

Rustic style in Israel

This beautiful apartment in the Old City of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel, draws attention for the perfect integration of contemporary design with the historical past of the building. The Old City of Jaffa is a labyrinth of streets that has changed little in recent centuries and houses some of the best heritage structures in the region.

Taking advantage of the rich past, the architects of Pitsou Kedem have transformed the classical arches and the stone walls of this beautiful apartment into a beautiful and charming house that mixes the rustic style of the walls with the modern.

The beautiful walls, the segmented ceilings and the arches give you the feeling of having gone back in time. However, the modern additions include an elegant decoration, white walls and luxurious accessories that combine comfort with rustic. The combination of textures and various geometric shapes give the interior an inimitable appeal.

The open views to the sea in the west also offer some dreamy nights and romantic sunsets that can be enjoyed from the wooden terrace.

Many years ago, in the ancient land of Judea, lived a people who carved their homes in caves. Today, it is possible to enjoy in a luxury version of these cave houses in this spectacular hotel in Israel, the Columbarium Hotel.

But do not think that this can become a claustrophobic experience, on the contrary, the view is spectacular from the balconies, olive groves and vineyards that stretch in the middle of the cliffs and peaks of the landscape. And of the interior design in rustic style there is nothing to say, the images speak for themselves.

Rustic bedrooms

Natural textures and vintage furniture to decorate this ancient room judging by the wooden beams of the ceiling and the stone walls. Extremely cozy and romantic.

The rustic walls, whether stone or brick, undoubtedly bring a special charm to these bedrooms, which are complemented by bedding with natural textures, carpets, wood, iron and plenty of white, to give light to the environment.

Rustic kitchens

It is the same criterion applied in kitchens, wood or stone walls, wooden cabinets very rustic, unpolished.

It is important that the materials retain their natural texture.

Rustic bathrooms

In these environments there is also a lot of play with the contrasts of textures, for example, in the bathroom below, the wood contrasts with the floor tiles.


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