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Rustic Kitchens: Photos and Decoration Ideas

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The rustic decoration has more and more followers today, as more and more people discover the freshness and warmth that this style of decoration has to offer, and that is why we will show you some ways to decorate and design the rustic kitchens.

Within the decorating styles of kitchens, there are a variety of attractive options. And of course we can choose the one that best suits our personal taste and the environment we have; because it has to be said, some of them, although wonderful in their appearance, require space that we may not have and others will exceed our budgets or our expectations to renew.

Origin of rustic kitchens

Among the options for decorating kitchens is the rustic style. This type of decoration responds to an evocation of traditional rural kitchens. And by itself the name identifies what we can expect from this decoration, because rustic is synonymous with peasant or country, a purely rural, where as we know, the decorative elements and natural materials abound.

To decorate a rustic style kitchen, we must take into account the space, because although it can adapt to small environments, the kitchens of yesteryear used to be spacious. But we must also take into account the use of elements such as traditional ceramics, earthenware, wooden furniture, curtains with country prints, and natural wall colors, because the main feature of this decoration, is the total naturalness.

Materials of rustic kitchens

To start we can appreciate how one of the keys to achieve the style, is to bet on natural materials such as stone, wood and iron. We would save a lot of work in the decoration, if the walls are built in stone and if the ceiling implements large old wooden beams. Although our walls and ceilings are simply made of concrete, this does not prevent us from achieving the desired style, we will only need a little more rustic accessories and creativity, two things totally within our reach.

Rustic kitchen colors

As you will also see, adopting the kind of natural materials mentioned above will push us towards a palette of earthy and grayish colors, which are far from giving our kitchen a somber look as you might be thinking when reading this. On the contrary, since they are colors that combined with light tones such as white and pastel yellow give us some of the most comfortable and beautiful spaces.

If you do not want to complicate yourself, the first step is to choose the right wall color, that is, white, or, failing that, beige.


If you live in a city and want to feel a little closer to nature, you can opt for a rustic decoration of one of the most important rooms of your home: the kitchen. To give it a rustic touch do not forget the furniture, but without forgetting the details, since a mirror or a wooden lamp give a lot of play. Next, you have to take the furniture, whose material will be wood.

Here we see a completely rustic kitchen with wooden furniture and some very important details that get a very special touch to it. On the one hand, the countertop in the center of the kitchen, with some built-in drawers to store different utensils. On the other hand, we can see a stove instead of the usual vitroceramics. In addition, it incorporates many details such as porcelain dishes on the kitchen hood or tin pot that can be seen on the stove.

This is a rustic kitchen much more avant-garde, with an urban touch, since the furniture combines wood with brick. It also incorporates a countertop in the center of the kitchen with numerous compartments. However, in this case, the stove has been replaced by a ceramic hob and some decorative details such as a steel ladle.


A good natural light, also very important within this style, will make our spaces look super cool and spacious. There are a lot of lamps that would adapt very well to this style. In these photos you can see some examples, such as wicker or iron lamps.


Brass sinks are a real accent for rustic kitchens, and today they enjoy enormous popularity. They are ideal to give your kitchens an old and modern look at the same time, since in fashion everything comes back, and those vintage sinks are one of the most popular in modern decoration.

Being the golden tone that characterizes them, in addition to an ideal way to create a focal point in their kitchens, the best way to add elegance and sophistication to their spaces. Being able to adopt them in a huge variety of formats and styles, which go from the classic square or rectangular shapes.

These coming in many cases with grids included, where you can put the dishes to dry, after being washed. We are also offered in several heights, including some of these proposals in sinks a vertical wall, which is attached to the wall and which is ideal to avoid staining it with the drops that are splashed when washing the dishes.

But there are also other types of sinks for this type of kitchen, for example, those we see in the lower images.

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