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Rustic rooms photos

We love the refined rustic style decoration, that is, create environments full of natural materials, wood, stone, forge, etc … but that are far from that feeling of “grandma’s house”. More eclectic spaces where other trends, modern objects, straight lines, and above all comfort and warmth come together. Because this is the most interesting thing about this style, the warmth that noble materials give off and the comfort created by earth tones that are the most used for this unique decoration. Are you also in love with this style? If so, you may look for photos of rustic rooms from where to take decorative ideas.

Rustic modern rooms

Rustic rooms photos

The main materials of the rustic style, wood, stone and natural fibers, are also present in the rustic rooms of modern airs. Also attic ceilings, fireplaces, wooden beams, wrought iron accessories, etc … As you will see endless options that we show you in photographs so you can imagine how your ideal rustic living room will be.

Rustic rooms photosRustic rooms photosRustic rooms photosRustic rooms photosRustic rooms photosRustic rooms photos

The ceilings are a fundamental element, their protagonism is total and they become a main piece that demands all the attention and receives all the looks. If you are in full rehabilitation of a rustic home, save your wooden roofs! Or at least try. The authentic beams are fantastic, they have no comparison with the decorative beams that are installed today.

We like: the carpet of natural fibers decorating the wall.

Take note: two wooden boxes with wheels are perfect as a coffee table for rustic rooms.

The hydraulic style tile is fashionable and looks great in the rustic style.

Ideas to decorate a rustic style lounge

And now we show you a room with some great decorative tips that we want to share with you. Mainly we highlight, in these wonderful photos of www.adrianobacchella.com, the following elements perfect for decorating rustic rooms:

1- The stone wall: Surely the stone wall of this room is natural but today there are many coatings that mimic the stone and are a good choice to achieve a rustic atmosphere.

2- The sofa table: The table function is performed by an old door, it is very original.

3- The roof of reeds: the ceiling of the living room has been covered with hurdle giving it a very rustic look.

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