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Six reasons to paint the house in August

Painting our home is a task that, as a rule, usually makes us very lazy. Moreover, according to a recent study, 62% of Spaniards recognize that they paint their house approximately every 5 years. A period far outside the average recommended by experts, every two or three years at most.

If you have decided to paint your house, I have to congratulate you since summer is the best time of the year to change the color of the walls of your home. And is that the high temperatures that usually occur in the month of August are very conducive to dust off the brush and roller. The motives? We show you below:

Rain, enemy of ventilation and drying time

Beyond the irregular but intense summer storms, the month of August stands out for its high temperatures. A) Yes, when painting, it is much easier to open the windows and ventilate the house, with the idea that the smell of the paint goes away and that it, at the same time, dries before. The first of the two problems is less and less frequent, there are water-based and environmentally friendly paints that lack smell and turn the home into a healthier space.

Terrace and garden: two spaces to show off

Since the arrival of spring, we Spaniards tend to take care to take care of the exteriors of our home, filling them with plants, benches, rockers and all kinds of accessories. But nevertheless, it is not until summer when we have all the time we would like to pamper it and make it beautiful. Therefore, the month of August can be an ideal date to decorate the pots or give a coat of paint to our aged porch.

The children’s room

Summer camps and other leisure activities usually take part of our children’s vacations. Your absence for several days can be a good time to give a new air to your room. In addition, we cannot forget that, from ongoing course, they tend to grow and grow older, so it is very likely that your room urgently requires that transformation.

Time to end the damp

Spring is surely one of the wettest seasons of the year, if not the most. Due, it is likely that our home may be affected at some point by constant rainfall, discovering wet and dripping areas. Summer, on the other hand, presents itself as the best time to end these problems and leave the house as new.

The summer house: a mirror to look at

In addition to the usual address, many Spaniards usually have a second home, where we spend a good part of our vacation days. A reason more than enough to renew it with some frequency and make it a special place, the house of our dreams. On the other side of the scale would be those who they take advantage of their march to this second home to transform their habitual residence space.

More light and free time

The last reason of all is undoubtedly the most obvious. The days of July and August are the longest of the year, as well as those in which we have more time to perform all those tasks that we have not been able to do the rest of the course due to lack of time. A great incentive to focus on painting and decorative tasks, which require special dedication.

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