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Small bathrooms design and decoration tips

Small bathrooms

How to design small bathrooms? When the dimensions are small we can appeal to a series of tricks to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. The latest ideas are very beautiful and revolutionary, the designers have rethought the designs to give more practical and aesthetic solutions. Wall-hung toilets and sinks defy gravity, cabinets no longer have doors, texture and daring patterns take over these small spaces.

If you have to prepare a bathroom of small dimensions here you will find some tips that can help you get the most out of the space.

Surfaces that reflect

In the first place when designing, we must choose the right materials: metallic elements, mirrors or ceramics that can reflect the light, expanding the space. Bright and reflective surfaces collaborate to create the illusion of more spacious environments.

Large mirrors

The mirrors do an incredible job creating the illusion of more space.

Wall and floor of the same material

Using the same type of ceramic, with tiles of the same size and both motifs on the walls and on the floor, helps you to lose the limits of space and look bigger. Preferably smooth or with a contemporary design of vertical lines.

Showers with glass doors

The use of glass doors for showering in small bathrooms, or frosted material, expands the environment. In some cases you can keep them open when the shower is not in use, to make it look more spacious, for which the bathroom should always be impeccable, free of mold and moisture.

Light colors

Always opt for light colors and add small touches of color in the accessories.

Use neutral colors to increase the sense of spaciousness of space.

Textures and patterns

Most designers tell you that elaborate patterns are not a good idea in a small space, but this is not always true. The patterns and textures add depth and play to a space, creating the illusion of more size and life.

Washbasin and floating toilet

It is an excellent way to facilitate cleaning and will make the space appear larger, because the boundaries of the floor are enlarged.

This circular sink with a very contemporary and functional design incorporates the rack for towels and enough space to place the toiletries, saving a lot of space.

Replace bathtub with shower

Replace the bathtub with a shower with tempered glass doors, using the remaining space to create a storage space by means of a closet or simple open shelves. The glass will not limit the space visually, creating the feeling of open space.

Use the minimum storage space

You do not really need a lot of storage space, just a more minimalist attitude. Those large toilets with a deep space under the sink are really inefficient in the use of space. Things get lost in the back of the shelves. So, how do you solve the problem?

Avoid clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics and articles do you really need? Replace the bathroom vanity with a floating shelf or narrow open shelves. You will open much more visual space in your bathroom.

Once you eliminate clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with that space. How to add a washer and dryer all in one.

To get more out of the space in this bathroom, a cabinet has been installed to store all hygiene products, towels, toilet paper, etc. It is divided into several compartments and has no doors.

Smart storage

Take advantage of every corner for storage. Here, a storage space has been created over the toilet, which would otherwise have been wasted.

Take advantage of natural lighting

Make the most of natural lighting. To maximize the light of a window, the owners opted for the enclosure of glass for the shower. They also took advantage of placing the shower and WC on the same side wall, in this way, there is more space for circulation.

Various lighting points

Using several lighting points can visually expand the space. It can be with halogen lamps.

Small accessories

Choose compact accessories to get the most out of a small bathroom. Although it is important to reduce any element that is not strictly functional, such as wall shelves or decorative accessories that take place.

Use functional elements to decorate as a bronze rack to hang towels, give the touch of modern design to your bathroom and you will find it very useful as well.


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