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Small bedrooms – decoration tips

Small bedrooms

Organize and decorate a room when we have a small bedroom is a challenge, here we give some tips on how to make the most of the space, without losing the style.

And not to be discouraged with the lack of space, because there are some small bedrooms that with little thing made them look very cozy. Here are photos of rooms of reduced dimensions where to look for inspiration.

Minimalist designs

This is the main advice: in all cases opt for a minimalist design, where that applies: less is more.

A bedroom crammed with objects, will not only be smaller than it is, but totally overwhelming. It is very difficult to rest in a room like that.

Remove the night table

Leave aside the classic bedside tables that can be replaced in several ways, for example with a headboard in the form of a shelf, which can also be lifted and used to store things that are not commonly used. It also allows you to place the bed against the wall in an unusual position.

The space traditionally occupied by these tables can be used with tall closets such as these from Ikea.

Or simply put some nice directional luminaires on the wall and hang a padded headboard as in the image, which is undoubtedly the most efficient way to save space.

A dark wall

Would you dare to paint the walls of a small bedroom of a dark color? Everything indicates that it is not a good option, however these pictures deny it.

A well-known design rule is that painting a room with a light color makes it feel bigger. Therefore a room of reduced dimensions with dark walls will make it look even smaller. However, the dark walls visually remove the wall, which makes a space appear larger.

Some people think that a room with dark walls can work, as long as there is good natural light.

Others dare to use dark colors whenever the rest of the elements are very light colors or pure white, to play with the contrasts.

And there are also those who do not care about the rules at all.

Light and bright walls

As we mentioned earlier, one of the least risky ways to visually enlarge the bedroom is by painting the walls in light and bright colors. You can use all shades of white, pale gray or luminous pastels.

Multifunctional furniture

If your problem is the lack of space and you need your dormito is not only the place to sleep, but also provides a comfortable space to study or work and at the same time where to store your things, it is best to opt for furniture such as which are displayed on the site of furniture manufacturers Ros.

These furniture are designed to solve any space problem; ergonomic, functional and composed of pieces that can be adapted to each room and each need. Pay attention to the following images.

We have already seen many ingenious proposals to make the most of space in a small bedroom, but this seems a very original solution. The bed is placed on the desk, to decompress a little more space.

In this option the beds are at a very accessible height and allow to create abundant storage space. In a room for two young people or children, it seems a much more comfortable and functional option than conventional bunk beds.

The Barcelona designer Sergi Mengot, is considered specialist in furniture for small rooms, and has a variety of designs, see images below.

The furniture designed to make the most of the available space, are the ideal solution for small apartments today. Modern and functional, they adapt perfectly to either a children’s room or youth bedrooms.


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