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Small do-it-yourself green jewels

Using plants in interior decoration offers many benefits for emotional balance and mental health. Even if many people ignore it, getting close, even minimally, to nature, gives tranquility and increases energy. Would you like to know how to get miniature gardens at home?

Not all houses have enough outdoor space to have a real garden; however, there are some simple solutions to adapt spaces too, so as to create a connection with rural life. And do you know what’s best? That it is not necessary to be an expert gardener, nor to foresee a large investment.

With a little creativity, you can reuse recyclable materials to plant some small plants, which will give color and life to any corner of the house. Don’t miss our 5 ideas to create yours miniature gardens.

Miniature gardens: a corner of nature for everyone

Miniature gardens are not just a mere fad of interior design. Even if they give a natural touch to any space in the house, internal or external, their main advantage is to help maintain an air of freshness and serenity at home. Let’s find out some interesting ideas:

1. Miniature gardens with recycled tin cans

Miniature gardens with used jars

One of the easiest and most useful materials to create a miniature garden are the used tin cans. These containers, like cans of peeled or canned, are made of a thin material, which resists both water and heat. But how can they be transformed into a miniature garden?

First of all, it is necessary to make small holes in the bottom, to allow the water to filter. Before using them as small vases, you can decorate them, painting them with acrylic paint, adhesives, cords or any other complement.

2. Mini gardens in old bags

Our second proposal is even more creative. We propose you to pull out all those old bags you no longer use from the closet, and turn them into an original vase to create one of the most original miniature gardens.

It doesn’t matter if they are made of wicker, leather or canvas; all types of bags can be easily adapted to grow aromatic plants or colorful flowers. The most interesting thing is that they are perfect for making a suspended garden, both in a corner at home and on the terrace.

3. Gardens suspended in plastic bottles

Vertical garden in plastic bottles

Do you want to join the recycling trend? Not only will you help the planet, but you will also discover a fun pastime. In this case, our proposal is to bring together various plastic bottles, to turn them into a vertical garden, for your plants.

The plastic has the advantage of being resistant to sun and water, which is why it is particularly suitable for the outside. In fact, thanks to their shape, plastic bottles are perfect for organizing a suspended garden, near a free wall.

Make a horizontal cut on the bottle so that there is enough space to grow the plant. Furthermore, remember to make small holes in the lower part to allow proper water drainage. For this option, choose aromatic herbs or small flowers.

4. Miniature gardens in old colanders

Have you ever thought about it? The metal colanders already have all the holes needed to turn them into a perfect vase. If you have an old colander that you no longer use or have seen one in a flea market, don’t miss the chance to turn it into a miniature garden.

They are perfect for outdoor areas, resting on a table or hanging from the ceiling. Indeed, if you want to use them in the garden, that’s fine. The material with which they are made does not deteriorate on contact with water. You can apply the same idea using the classic Chinese passino, a funnel-shaped colander.

5. The fruit crates

Miniature gardens in wooden boxes

Although the wooden boxes are a little larger, you can use them to create miniature gardens. These boxes are very cheap and, often, you can find them piled up near the bins in front of a fruit shop. Obviously, before filling them with earth, you will have to cover the interior, to prevent it from coming out.

Take the opportunity to complete the style of your garden with small stone paths and an artificial pond. The end result will depend on your imagination. We advise you to choose this option if you want to sow aromatic herbs or vegetables.

To keep in mind …

In order for your miniature gardens to be kept in excellent condition, be sure to consider the climate, the exposure and the plants you want to use. Remember that some small plants are best cultivated indoors, without too much sun.

If you want to use it mainly for decorative purposes, choose a theme first. You can opt for a romantic, rustic or garden vintage. Give vent to your creativity!

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