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The hotels with the best swimming pools in Europe

A swimming pool is one of the main attractions of holiday hotels. It is the area of ​​the hotel where we spend most of our leisure time. Sunbathing, reading a book or enjoying a snack, the pools are the ideal place to rest and regain strength. If they also have a spectacular design with infinite edges and stunning views, it can become your holiday destination. Below, we show you the hotels with the best swimming pools in Europe.

Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Monaco

The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is located on the Larvotto Peninsula, just 120 meters from the French border. After a recent reform, the spa has a direct access to the sea, where the Larvotto marine reserve is located. The complex has one of the best lagoon-shaped pools with the natural sand bottom. The hotel is organized around the artificial lagoon that has several waterfalls and is surrounded by a lush tropical garden. The facilities are completed with a 900 m² spa and with a casino.

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Hotel Perivolas on the island of Santorini. Greece

The Perivolas Hotel is a spectacular accommodation built on a cliff from the famous Greek island. It has one of the best infinity horizon pools from which you can enjoy stunning views of the Aegean Sea. This one could boast be the best pool in the world. The luxury complex was built in the 70s on land where there were dozens of caves up to 300 years old. These became some exclusive 17 suites. Another peculiarity of the Perivolas Hotel is that does not have any type of technological device. There are no televisions, radios or connection or internet. The Perivolas hotel combines stunning views with the luxury of absolute tranquility of a Beautiful traditional architecture.

Hotel Villa Honegg. Ennetbürgen, Switzerland

The spa at Hotel Villa Honegg is one of the Switzerland’s most exclusive wellness facilities. Nestled in a stunning surroundings, from heated infinity pool you have some awesome Alps views at any season of the year. Its luxurious and elegant rooms have balconies with mountain and mountain views Lake of the Four Canto. The hotel also has a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and a spa with massage and beauty treatments. For its spectacular views, it is considered one of the best swimming pools in Europe.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere.Salerno, Italy

This is another spectacular location on a cliff. It has one of the best pools with some stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. The Caruso Belvedere hotel is located in the Amalfi Coast, next to the city of Palermo. Is a 11th century building with frescoes on the ceilings and that was renovated creating some luxurious suites. Its spectacular infinity pool plunges over the sea and is surrounded by beautiful terraced gardens that line the hotel.

Grand Hotel Central. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Its infinity pool is considered one of the best pools in Barcelona, and even throughout Spain. Located on the roof of a building of the early twentieth century located in the historical center of the city. The infinity pool offers fantastic views of the Gothic Quarter Yet the Barcelona’s cathedral. The pool is heated, so you can enjoy it throughout the year.

Blue Lagoon spa. Iceland

It’s about a geothermal spa located southwest of Iceland. These majestic natural hot spring pools they are famous all over the world for their healing properties. According to NationalGeographic, this place is one of the 25 places in the world to see and experience. Its temperate waters are rich in minerals such as silica and sulfur and it is said that they help people suffering from skin diseases. It is located in a volcanic environment of and has a luxurious spa fed by the geothermal heat from inside the earthIt is considered one of the best thermal water pools in Europe.

Titanic Mardan Palace. Antalya, Turkey

The Mardan Palace Hotel is a spectacular and glamorous luxury accommodation located in the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. The highlight of the complex is its disproportionate size. Its pool, which surrounds the hotel building, is more than 200,000 square meters and can navigate in a gondola. Inside her hosts an aquarium It contains about 2500 fish. It is one of the best navigable pools in Europe. The hotel has 558 rooms, 10 restaurants, 11 bars, an open-air amphitheater for concerts, diving center…

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What do you think about these impressive pools? I hope you liked it and you can visit and enjoy them.

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