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Top irresistible ideas to innovate your home decoration

We are in the middle of Ecuador of the year and above with summer at the corner doors. There are still plenty of time to innovate your home decoration with those trends in which you have not stopped thinking. You simply have not found the opportunity to strain them in the rooms. Well, the time has come for welcome them and big time

Roofs that leave with your mouth open, gold as a star color in elements and finishes, prints that drive us crazy … and the resurgence of materials We didn’t even imagine. These are top ideas that will help you innovate your decoration and in what way.

Innovate your decoration: the explosion of flower power

In interior design and decoration trends that arrive they are a matchless thermometer to know for sure the what is in and the what is out. So, when you decide to innovate your decoration in the rooms, turn them around so refreshingly, you’ll be safe if you choose for what is sweeping in 2019. But beware, it is not a matter of turning the home into a stylish and chic catwalk and yet it has very little to do with you.

Innovate your home decoration, yes, but without losing our mark. For example, if we love the naturist air that continues to cause rage among decorators and interior designers, nothing like let us catch him flower power. That is, display floral prints throughout the house without fear of being wrong. In version wallpapers or as textiles, they were born to create delicate and evocative environments that fit in any space. You can also play with different sizes, although the ones that really send today are the large, silhouetted flowers. And he doesn’t go anymore, the hand-painted silk papers They look like authentic canvases once placed. Innovating your decoration with them is simple and the change is spectacular.

The golden age of gold

When one of our favorite colors stands in the king of the color palette of the year, we are lucky. And of course it is time to innovate your decoration in the main interiors, allowing us the luxury of see him in all possible versions: about pieces, in coatings and finishes, etc. If there is a trend, it is said that this year continues to rise points is the introduction of gold in domestic spaces.

He is certainly living his golden moment, and the good news is that it is possible to include it in numerous environments of the house without them losing an iota of their style. Nor associate it with furniture or classic and motley elements. Is amazing the elegance that leaves, with a taste of past times and yet a hundred percent current.

For example, in bathrooms and kitchens, we can bet on golden matt faucets, or reserve your look for retro air batteries that show off this finish. But there are more elements and accessories in which this color has been completely triumphing. From shooters and lamps, to framed mirrors in gold with patina today, easy to integrate into contemporary decorations. Intense colored furniture, vintage-inspired ceramics and natural fibers can be splendid allies. Innovate your decoration with this color you will give spaces with touches of glamor.

Look at heights

The roofs from home they are always the pending subject, we usually think that they don’t have much to contribute, that their role is functional and period. Fortunately for a few years the world of interior design has turned to show how wrong we are. So that there are no excuses to innovate your decoration and that of any building without devoting the attention they deserve. From old houses with high ceilings, to studies or the house of a millennial.

Nothing to forget about him as decorative surface. In return, we will have secured environments endowed with an unparalleled personality. If we don’t want to jump into formulas too bold, there are intermediate solutions. One way to start experiencing this transformation is painting in intense colors the most visible and spacious ceilings, and if possible the ones that receive the most lighting.

Also the idea of use the same wall cladding On the ceiling is an original solution to innovate your decoration with a nice look. And of course end the monotony forever from his previous image, bland and impersonal. Maybe a wallpaper with cheerful plant motifs or a stamp checkered design british. If you like these prints, make them your allies. They are totally topical.

The madness of the terrazzo

It may seem exaggerated, but Terrazzo has captivated to decorators and designers. Without shyness none has become a versatile proposalfull of strength and aesthetic possibilities. The key is that it has arrived to keep a completely modernized image that does not disappoint, but quite the opposite.

Another trend to sign to innovate your decoration because this material has returned full of creativity. In your kitchen, you can think of it as a cheerful and functional covering with which to cover floors and walls offering an unusual chromaticism. Like a skin of multicolored stones. But also textiles are inspired by him and dress the beds with collections that have a lot of humor.

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