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Tricks to keep the house tidy in record time

Since Marie Kondo, the guru of the order of this century, entered our domestic life its principles have penetrated so deep that we have declared war on chaos space. We love keep the house tidy, practice a decoration that favors calm. Nail how many daily routines it’s all you need.

Keep the house tidy It does not always require a continuous and exhaustive work of organization in the rooms and common areas of the home. Exhausting and unfeasible to put into practice every time the presence of chaos begins to invade the environments. It’s a matter of practicing every day certain habits in order to have that disorder at bay so usual e uncomfortable To feel like we want

Keep the house tidy with minimal effort

Who does not like the idea of ​​keeping the house tidy with hardly any effort. Only with pay attention to the main focuses that generate disorder in each of the rooms for the simple fact of making life in them. Not everything they contain generates the same degree of disorganization Spatial and visual noise. Had you thought about it? There are countless accessories, accessories and objects what we move and use daily when we remain in their environments. For example the cushions on the sofa, the cushions next to the headboard of our bed and hundreds of papers on the dining room table.

The simple action of pick them up, free the furniture surfaces from your presence and leave only what Really it takes It is a guaranteed success. Little ones gestures for the domestic organization that allow keeping the house tidy easily and in record time. Most of them result comfortable to do at the end of the day, at the moment we finish a specific activity, like watching TV. Or before we go to work In the morning if we reserve a few minutes to retrieve our order. Any room can benefit.

The lounge, free from chaos

The living room is one of the rooms that needs more attention when we want to keep the house tidy. The reason is very simple: We usually spend our lives in it, especially if we have a daily dining area. It is the favorite space of housing, and let’s not say if we have opened it to the kitchen to enjoy a diaphanous atmosphere the latest trends Decorative Or we have installed some mobile walls to open and close it as we please. Attention to a series of very clear foci where forever chaos ends up emerging. The couch It is the first of them, and more specifically the cushions that we like to catch and hug while watching TV, read a book or chat in a moment of gathering. Nothing to leave them anyway, misplaced and crushed. Surely looking at them will give us a sense of homelessness.

As simple as replace them in position initial, tapping them gently so that their filling is good. Nor is it a matter of invading the seats with these textile accessories: two cushions for each square are enough to be comfortable when sitting and at the same time dressing the sofa upholstery. The best is that keep a certain coherence in size, or mix a maximum of two formats.

Keeping the house tidy inside the living room also implies take care of the organization of certain furniture: the bookstore, the dining table and the center. Especially in these two usually accumulate throughout the week numerous papers, letters, keys, advertising, etc. Check it and save only what you will use. Remember that learning to throw is important.

A kitchen and a bathroom without stress

One of the secrets to keeping the house tidy easily is that there is a place for each object. Y in the small kitchens that maxim is sacred if we seek to avoid an ornate interior because we need a special sense of order in it. The key may be to implement a series of tricks that will allow us to enjoy areas as clear as possible. From leaving only what we really use every day on the counter, to organize intelligently inside drawers and drawers by vertical separators. That way they won’t become tailor’s drawers. And finally, nothing like dedicating to our kitchen a few minutes at the end of the day to pick up and return to your site all the utensils that hinder.

Keep the house tidy in the bathroom it’s not difficult With some very effective ideas. The Really essential is to equip it so that all who use it count with a place to save their personal stuff, However small is. Inside of the washbasin cabinet through boxes and organizers, or on the walls if there are hangers, a wall cabinet or a mirror It also serves to save. And finally, eliminate all that unnecessary. Maybe those samples of creams and soaps that we have never really used.

The hall of your life

The main entrance is the key space where to test our ability To keep the house tidy. In addition, if we achieve it between its four walls, it will be easier to repeat these organizational patterns in the rest of the rooms and succeed. The best advice decorative is take care that your auxiliary furniture and accessories do not get overloaded. The coat rack is an essential basic, but it can give a very chaotic look if we invade it with clothes and accessories without order or concert. A few minutes will suffice to redistribute them and leave them balanced. The same goes for shoemakers furniture and consoles, undoubtedly very comfortable solutions to remove your shoes, leave keys, coins, etc. Y if they also keep a certain visual harmony, better than better. Your hall will transmit a homely image full of calm and peace.

Do you dare with any of these tricks?

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