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Vertical Gardens + 30 Photos of Green Inspiration

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a trend that has been around for a long time, but in recent years has become a good solution for small spaces or for those who do not directly have a garden, or ultimately simply as a decoration more of the house.


One option is to place the pots in cloth bags as we see below. The cloth bags, in turn, are stuck in a fence made of wooden planks.

As we see below, you can also use rectangular shaped pots and hang them on a wooden structure.

Why not use pipes cut in half and hung with ropes as we see in the image below.

You can also use wooden or metal structures with a net and hang the pots in the net.

The secret of this type of gardens that we see below, is that they bring with them an irrigation system, which allows the plants to always be supplied with water. It would be very difficult to water these plants by hand.


Inside the home, it is recommended that this type of gardens be installed near a natural source of light, if artificial lights would not have to be installed so that they receive the necessary daily light to create their own food. The bad thing is that this option can be a bit expensive.

Vertical gardens for small spaces

Modernity presents a lot of decorative options, but we do not always have space. Space is getting smaller, especially if we live in big cities. Having a garden is a good thing and therefore we should take advantage of it to enjoy it as much as possible even when it is very small. And if we do not have it the same we can take advantage of these ideas, which are ideal to make us a green corner and relax.

In these great ideas, we can find enough inspiration to take advantage of vertical walls or structures in which we can build a charming green space. One of the most economical options is to opt for the planters hanging on a wall of boards or pallets. The pallets are very useful in this sense because they are easy to convert into many options to decorate without much expense.

It is also a good way to recycle woods that usually do not reuse.

A great variety of designs can be formed. Taking advantage of the colorful plants and flowers, or using only green leafy plants, you can create gardens that will give us that relax that plants transmit to us. A small garden of color and beauty that must also be recognized, does not suppose a great work to attend but a lot of motivation because with little a precious environment is achieved.

Or a vertical canvas flower pot as we see is also an excellent option.

A wooden structure with box-type flower pots can also be another interesting and creative option.

Artificial vertical gardens

A space can be improved by adding vegetation through a green wall, however, in some cases, too many problems can arise for its installation or maintenance. Artificial gardens are one of the simplest ways to easily add vegetation to a space. They are ideal for commercial spaces, offices, patios and hospitals or for the home.

They can be installed in any place or wall where the growth or maintenance of natural plants is impossible. Artificial gardens are very durable, they do not require UV lighting, they are also perennial, so every day of the year they will look with the same splendor. They do not accumulate insects either, so they are very hygienic. Simply clean your leaves and stems with a damp cloth sporadically, so that they shine all their splendor.

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