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Vintage bedrooms – ideas and photos to get inspired

Vintage bedrooms

The vintage fashion in decoration is still raging and the room is one of the rooms where it is most applied. We will show you below some ideas and photos of vintage bedrooms that can be inspiration.

Do you know what vintage means? They refer to evoking the best of past times, objects and styles with defined origin and outstanding quality. Go ahead and reinvent the environments, readapting articles of good quality and low cost that you can find in the flea markets or in garage sales.

Modern vintage bedrooms

The term vintage is applied in principle to those objects or quality accessories that have been manufactured years ago but still retain their charm, either by its design, the good quality of the material with which it was built or because they have simply become classics that have survived the vagaries of fashion.

Many times they are unique pieces, produced in an artisanal way, in small quantities, which gives them a unique value, valuable for their historical load rather than for their real value.

Current designers are turning to this aesthetic to create modern but personalized environments, revaluing the culture of the old combined with the modern. Objects from different periods and places are used, often decontextualized from their original function, which mix irreverently with the contemporary.

Sometimes you do not need to spend a lot of money to get results with style. It only takes a little taste and unleash creativity. Take advantage of the fact that vintage decoration is fashionable.

White vintage bedrooms

The white color is especially favorable in vintage environments. This color can be applied both on walls and furniture. Let’s take a look at these examples.

You can find antique bedroom furniture that has been preserved in good condition in flea markets or specialty stores. You can also combine different pieces such as bedside tables, lamps, iron beds or mirrors with frames made by skilled artisans. And of course, all these furniture and accessories can be painted white.

Here we present a series of images that we have compiled with magnificent examples of vintage environments, to inspire you.

Romantic vintage

A female bedroom, where nostalgia is the key. A dream world for romantics: the wrought-iron bed in pink, covered with sheets with delicate floral patterns and cushions of different sizes, immediately attracts attention in a totally white space.

A hand-forged steel garden chair decorates the workplace, along with a beautiful antique desk also painted white. Another chair of the same style serves as a bedside table. And to complete the vintage composition, bouquets of fresh flowers in antique vases have been distributed throughout the room.

With iron beds

The old cast iron beds are once again very precious pieces when it comes to decorating a vintage-style bedroom. Neutral tones and some rustic touches in the rest of the furniture, as well as some accessories with retro air, perfectly complement these bedrooms.

An iron bed becomes an elegant centerpiece in any bedroom creating a romantic and feminine atmosphere.

Bedding gives life to any room. You can choose classic, colorful patterns and combine them in whimsical ways, or you can resort to pastel shades, such as the combination of old rose and pale green, suggesting ancient times.

Even if completely white fabrics are chosen they can be given a simple personal touch, like a small monogram embroidered by hand in the pillow cases.

Vintage French style bedrooms

To achieve a personalized decoration for a bedroom nothing better than to give it a vintage touch. The vintage style is not only fashionable, but adapts to multiple styles, whether it be a rustic bedroom, a country atmosphere or Louis XV style. All combinations are allowed, it is enough to know how to take advantage of every detail.

Turn your bedroom into a refuge for relaxation with these decorating ideas. You can combine different elements to create a bedroom with your personal stamp. From the color of the paint, the furniture, the bedding, everything must be in harmony as well as the curtains and headboards.

Keep in mind the accessories, such as lamps, paintings, mirrors or cushions to accent different corners or to refresh the different pieces of furniture, such as bedside tables, vintage dressers, cabinets or armchairs to create a beautiful room.

Whether for master bedrooms or for small bedrooms, get inspired by these bedroom design ideas.

Those basic bedrooms that look dull can revive them, transform them into magnificent, comfortable and full of personality without losing the style.

Vintage furniture painted in color

The vintage style in decoration continues to gain followers. And it is not for less, because it is a formidable way to take advantage of furniture of excellent quality, that have endured very well the passage of time. And that’s just like that, because they were made by skilled craftsmen with good wood.

You can find excellent design pieces at a price more than interesting flea market, auctions, antiques or in the attic of the grandmother.

One of the ways in which you can rejuvenate one of these retro furniture is by giving it a touch of color. Go ahead and experiment with vibrant colors or combine several colors so that the mixture of the new and the old will look much more fun.

The Byblos House Collection has the most colorful furniture you can imagine. Surely you would never have imagined that you could use these colors in furniture, except in a room for children, of course. It is amazing how they make use of these vibrant colors while at the same time giving an air of absolute sophistication. To be inspired when your intention is to decorate with vintage furniture:


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