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10 vintage chic decorating ideas

For those who do not know the term Shabby chic, I will tell you that it is a decoration style that mixes old and modern elements. A rustic style or country with predominance of pastel colors, in particular pink and white.

1. Jugs with flowers

The flowers are a must In this decorative style. You can use them for everything, yes, always light or pastel colors. I recommend that if you want to decorate in the purest style Shabby chic the goals in an old metal jug.

Bouquet of pink and white peonies in an old metal jug in the purest shabby chic style

2. Decoration with white cages

The white metal cage is another super characteristic feature of the style Shabby Chic You can use it to decorate any room, a dining table, hang it from the ceiling or even fill it with flowers.

White vintage cage decorated with a pastel pink candle

3. Decorated boxes

To store you can use cardboard boxes and decorate them. Start by first painting the whole box in a pastel color: white, pink, blue or mint green and then add with transfer Letters, or colorful flowers. You can also glue a lace border with a heat gun.

Blue boxes decorated in shabby chic style with pastel blue and pink colors and many flowers

4. Photo frames vintage

These decorative frames are super easy to make. Do you want to know how? Apply a layer of chalk effect paint all over the frame, let it dry and then with a fine grain sandpaper, remove the paint from the corners. You can also incorporate some cloth flowers by gluing them with a little hot glue.

Photo frame decoration with flower background and aged effect paint

5. Border of colored threads

This type of borders is very grateful because it is very colorful and is very easy to do. You must fold the strips in half and pass the ends around the rope or in this case the ring until complete. How about?

Border of colorful vintage style chic threads

6. Mix materials

I love this idea. They have resorted to using a wooden bottle box with a vintage effect and putting the bottles in but instead of containing liquid, they carry flowers. A very original pot, right ?.

Decorative wooden jadinera with aged effect vintage bottle rack

7. Flower lamp

Although it may seem very ornate, this type of decoration is very typical of the style Shabby chic. Decorate the lamp shade with dried flowers or fabric flowers and if you also take advantage of some old ceramic vase for the lamp base, better than better.

Decorative lamp with pink flowers and white vase shabby chic vintage style

8. Furniture restored with style Shabby chic

Surely more than once you have encountered a piece of furniture inherited from your family, or even moved to a house that had very old furniture. Restoring this type of ornamental furniture with pastel colors and aged effect is one of the TOP of this style You can also do transfer on the wood, so you can put flowers or letters on the doors or drawers to make it even more vintage.

Restoration of antique furniture with pastel colors and floral prints.

9. Recycled cans for the desk

You know that we love projects with recycled materials, for this reason we could not miss a recycling project like shabby chic. I propose you to reuse aluminum canisters. You can make a composition and decorate them with rope, flowers, or elements vintage and use them to store office supplies in an orderly manner.

Set of recycled cans and decorated with jute to store all the office supplies.

10. Floral letters

This idea is great for decorating the rooms. You can make letters of the vorex with the initial of your name and cover it with fabric flowers. Then you can hang it on the door to distinguish the rooms or place it on a shelf as another element of decoration. How about?

Letters decorated with flowers in pastel tones

Well now you know a little more about the style shabby chic, a rustic and romantic decoration with great protagonist, flowers. What do you think of these ideas? Leave us your opinion in comments.

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