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Water leak at home. And now what? All you need to know

Do not panic! You have a water leak at home and you don’t know what to do. That is because you are a very lucky person and you are facing your first incident. Now a thousand questions and doubts assail you. From which is the ideal protocol to follow before a water leak. Or as far as the aesthetic restoration of home insurance covers. Today we are going to reveal these and many more questions so that when you have a water leak in your home you know how you should act. We start!

Water leak in kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms are the big ones affected by water leaks. Do you want to know the latest trend in decoration of these two environments? And so, if you have to make a great repair, you take the opportunity to modernize the stay.

How to act in a water leak

If you discover a serious water leak at home the first thing you should do is obviously close the stopcock! And if it’s so obvious why do we remember it? Well, because it is possible that the breakdown will catch you, you will get nervous, and even block yourself. The most urgent at that time is to minimize the damage. You will achieve this by closing the water tap. Then, save the objects that are in contact with the water by pulling them away or putting them up and collect as much water as you can. This will prevent the filtration from continuing, the water reaching lower floors or the furniture soaking, for example.

Water leak at home: kitchen

Did you know that the new kitchens do not use the upper cabinets?

If the leak is very large, also assess the possibility of cutting the light if you believe that a short circuit may occur.

Most water leaks in the home occur in the kitchen or in the bathrooms. Here the most endangered objects are furniture. The reason is that being made of wood, water can cause them irreparable damage. That is why it is so important that you pick it up as soon as possible. The less time your furniture is in contact with the water, the less damage they will suffer.

Water leak in kitchen

Open shelves or shelves replace the upper kitchen cabinets. In this way the rooms are lightened, the space is visually enlarged and brightness is gained.

Do you have insurance contracted? If so, our advice is that you contact the insurance because they will give you the guidelines to follow. Many insurances have assistance service, they send you to the professionals themselves and tend to be quite fast, since it is common for them to have 24-hour service.

In the case of not having insurance, or that this does not include assistance or repair service, you should call a professional as soon as possible.

Water leak in kitchen

The new kitchens are conceived in line with the natural, neutral style and with Boho touches that have been so successful in interior decoration in recent times.

If the water leakage is mild and localized, it may be enough to cut the water in that particular room. And you can even repair the leak yourself provisionally. And always, always, notify the insurance and call a technician.

And while you wait for the arrival of the professionals do not forget to document the incident with photos or videos of the incident.

Water leak in kitchen

What do water damage cover and what are aesthetic damages?

Each company has a different configuration of home insurance, but broadly the coverage in their policies are usually similar. Without wanting to extend a lot, because the topic can give for several pages, you should know first of all that it is very important to be well informed of what your home insurance policy includes. Well, when an accident occurs we find unpleasant surprises. That is why you should ask for all the explanations that you consider appropriate. And all this in order to perfectly understand each note of your policy, as well as its limitations.

Water leak in kitchen

Natural wood has become an essential material in the kitchens of 2019. Whether in cabinets, as on countertops and even walls.

In the case at hand, which is water damage, all home insurance must include in the “Civil Liability” section the damages that your water leak causes to third parties, that is, to neighbors. But there are always limits on the compensation you should know.

Your insurance will also include the location and repair of the fault. But beware! Well, those caused by carelessness such as leaving an open tap are usually excluded.

Water leak in bathroom

Take note of this material that is triumphing in the bathroom, marble!

Water leak in bathroom

The walls and floors of our bathrooms are clad in marble again which, in combination with modern furniture and sanitary ware, create rooms with a lot of personality.

As for the repair of aesthetic damage we must also take special interest in this point of our contract. In general, the insurance will be responsible for repairing the paint, tiles, furniture, and replace them with new ones. But I put a situation that can be presented and in which you probably have not thought. What happens if to repair a leak in your bathroom you have to break several tiles and that same model no longer exists in stores? A good aesthetic damage repair insurance will take care of installing another model of similar quality throughout the bathroom. Check that your policy covers these situations or you will have to take care of the cost of replacing all the tiling.

Water leak in bathroom

Marble countertops, sinks, bathtubs or showers also make a dent in modern bathrooms.

Water leak in bathroom

We hope that these tips will help you to be prevented and covered in case of water leakage at home. We cannot avoid accidents, but we can protect ourselves against these incidents so that the disorder, if necessary, is the least possible.

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