In a room, white is and always will be a safe bet, because it evokes purity and perfection, adds luminosity, expands the space and can be combined with all the colors of the palette. That’s why we show you a lot of pictures and decoration ideas of white bedrooms.

White is the ideal color to avoid making mistakes in decoration. It looks spectacular in any room of the house, and is used for all styles, from classic chic, to an industrial style or an elegant cozy and warm Scandinavian interior.

Totally white bedrooms

In general, for all the rooms in the house, white has its place mainly in the walls and the ceiling. Then, two options are available: a totally white look, or incorporate a bit of other colors. In these first photos, we see almost entirely white bedrooms.

That the room is in this color does not mean exactly that you have to go for a minimalist style. In fact, if you do not like this style you can put many ornaments, puffs, carpets, paintings, a table, a chair … everything you consider that gives your life warmth.

This beautiful color, converts space into something very natural.

The wood painted white, white sheep skin, wool carpets, paper luminaires, will help create this type of immaculate decoration. Of course, bet on all shades of white, from pristine to whitish. The 100% white room can look fabulous with decorative metal or wood elements.

You can also intercalate different shades of white: one very clean and bright with broken targets.

Black and white bedrooms

The second possibility is to mix the white with other colors, and it can be done in several ways. If you like to change the decoration regularly with the seasons and moods, a good idea is to keep the walls and ceiling white, opt for the white sheets and insert the color through decorative elements: a lamp, a rug, a quilt , cushions, ornaments, curtains. To choose the second color, you are totally free to choose the one you like the most, since white combines with all other colors. But you must bear in mind that you are going to change all the style of the room.

With the combination of black and white graphics the room looks sophisticated and sober.

If you have the feeling of watching a scene from the 101 Dalmatians movie, it’s reasonable.

White bedrooms with gray

They should not be afraid to make a drastic turn towards a decoration in white and gray, as they are perfect colors for a sophisticated, seductive and very modern environment, being one of the greatest examples of a safe personality.

White bedrooms with brown

These interiors try to capture the beauty of a modern style by using shapes that are drawn in space, thanks to the contrast of white and brown. Warm and very relaxing rooms are achieved.

It may seem that white and brown is a classic and therefore it is a serious and formal combination, but in reality, it is perfect in many cases and help achieve a better concentration, since white is the color of harmony par excellence , while the brown, brings calmness.

Bedrooms in white with bright colors

You can add small touches of vibrant color to a white bedroom, achieving a very revitalizing pop style.

It is a very successful combination to decorate the room of young people. Color can be incorporated in curtains, cushions and other accessories.

It is a perfect way also to increase the visual sense of depth of a piece. In addition, the white color is combinable with all the remaining colors, being able to give a small quota of color to the piece with some colorful accessory.

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