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Wood kitchens 2019: photos and trends


Wood kitchens gained great popularity in the 1980s, and since then wood has continued to be used in virtually every kitchen in the world. This is because this material is very versatile, resistant and durable.

The kitchen furniture made of wood adapts to all styles of decoration and design, whether a modern house or a rustic country house. Whether you use an elegant mahogany wood or an old reclaimed wood, the effect is the same: a warm and welcoming space that you will never want to leave. The classic and attractive appearance of wood is not the only benefit. This noble material will probably last for many years.

Modern wood kitchens

Natural materials and warm finishes are one of the trends in modern kitchens for 2019. Thanks in part to the popularity of minimalism, one of the ways we see this trend of using natural materials, is in simple wood cabinets, without decorations. The minimalist aspect of this furniture, which highlights the warmth of the raw wood, combines very well with the elegant style that we expect in contemporary kitchens.

You can take elements from the rustic kitchens and give them a modern twist. Wood, stone and metal, in the form of open shelves, marble countertops, stone tiles, metal stools and shelf supports, provide a very modern industrial feel. The retro-style black and white subway tiles are another current trend, which looks great with wood.

You can choose the natural wood color, which creates an elegant atmosphere and looks great when coming into contact with other colors. This means that some decorative details can be added in other colors, for example black or silver, in certain parts of the kitchen.

However, you must be very careful with the tones to use because they can damage the space. In general, wooden furniture stand out very well accompanied by a floor and walls in lighter shades.

But you can also choose the reverse variant that would consist of dark walls and floors and light-colored furniture, although it is a more risky option. At the same time, to emphasize the wood element, you can use it both for the furniture and for the decoration of the floor and the wall.

Rustic wood kitchens

The rustic kitchens have a very cozy appearance, which their minimalist and modern equivalents do not have.

A classic rustic kitchen can have a white ceramic sink. You can also have cabinets and furniture in wood (in a lacquer finish or painted in color), which include dressers and pantries. A farm table with a good set of sturdy chairs to match. They can also include cooking islands.

You can also include some vintage details, such as floral fabrics, striped or even tiles in navy blue or red to give color.

A more modern approach could be to use raw materials, such as wood, stone, brick and metal, and give it a more industrial feel. Pendant lighting, bar stools and a touch of copper and leather can add a lot of style to a rustic kitchen.

Integral wooden kitchens

One of the latest innovative trends in modern kitchens, are the integrals. Surely many people do not finish understanding the difference with other types of kitchens. The answer is very simple and can be found in the furniture and appliances that make up this design.

The basic characteristic of the integral kitchen is that it follows the same line of design, from the aesthetic point of view. This means that the furniture and appliances make perfect shapes without protruding edges. In most cases, the appliances are integrated into the furniture itself. You can also find kitchens with built-in furniture directly on the wall.

This trend is marked by another decorative detail that refers especially to the doors of furniture and appliances. The design of both is very similar or equal and in this way the ornaments and colors are fused, without any highlight or differences.

On many occasions, when the word wood is mentioned in a decoration, people imagine interiors that remind them of the countryside and rustic style. Although wood is used for this style, it is also used in modern styles, full of elegance and refinement.

How to achieve a modern look instead of rustic? The answer is very simple: the modern style prefers straight lines, while the rustic style leans by rounded lines.

In turn, the modern element can be intensified with the doors of cabinets and appliances in the same design. In this way, at first glance, the appliances merge with the furniture.

Advantages of integral kitchens

  • The main advantage of these kitchens is that it increases the interior space. The appliances are integrated into the furniture, so we do not have to worry about where to place them. Also, there are no empty spaces between the furniture.
  • Another advantage is that it opens to the horizon when we have in front of a kitchen of this type, especially the kitchens that are not separated from the dining room or the living room.
  • These kitchens make up a space that is not only wider, but also cleaner and tidier.

Disadvantages of integral kitchens

  • The main disadvantage of these kitchens lies in their price, since we actually pay more money for something that does not guarantee a longer life of the appliances, nor a higher yield. The only thing that guarantees us is a more modern and elegant interior.

White kitchens and wood

White is one of the best colors to accompany wood, as it highlights and emphasizes the natural beauty of this noble material.

In this charming space, with independent storage units in white, highlights the worktop made of wood, and the upper cupboard with glass doors, which show the beautiful crockery.

Rustic shades of earthy brown are used to give this kitchen a cozy atmosphere. Pretty plants bring the outside, carefully aligned on the window sill.

The cabinets and walls painted white retain the light feeling of the room. They combine with warm wood countertops and aged vintage details.

Kitchens with wooden countertops

Simplicity is often the key to achieving an impactful kitchen. The countertops in both dark and light wood can achieve a balanced and sensational design. Here, the countertop on the kitchen island is a perfect companion for open shelves, the kitchen door and the table of the same material.

The neutral walls combine with the furniture and with a double traditional ceramic sink. The curtain under the sink is a wonderfully simple retro touch.

Even if your kitchen is not rustic, it is possible to introduce a feeling of countryside with a central island with wooden countertop. In this kitchen in white and natural wood, an island with a countertop in this material is an impressive focal point that instantly converts the space into a country kitchen.

Kitchens in light wood

Light wood has become very fashionable lately with the resurgence of Scandinavian-style decoration. This style, applied to the kitchen, can be an excellent choice.

If you are lucky enough to have beams in your kitchen, then do not be afraid to take full advantage of them. Let the wood shine a simple scheme of walls painted white.

Classic wood kitchens

The classic wood kitchens are designed to make the most of your space and achieve, first of all, a lot of warmth in the environment. It is usually placed a table and chairs, to integrate a comfortable daily dining room. You should try to make this space pleasant and cozy, with beautiful tablecloths, crockery and decorated glazes. Try to keep the pots and utensils close at hand to emphasize the working nature of this space.

Small wood kitchens

It is not easy to be a master of interior design when you have only a few square meters available to organize the elements for cooking and storing food. You must emphasize to maintain a minimum disorder and a maximum comfort: it is the correct formula for a kitchen in which you will enjoy the preparation of your food. With small kitchens, you need smart ideas that help you maximize space.

Despite the price, it is worth designing an integrated kitchen, as you will gain more space. The ideal solution for small kitchens are the white integral kitchens. This color will open the space and fill it with light.

Use cabinets with glass fronts, with them small spaces seem more open. It can create an effect of amplitude with lighting. Small kitchens are much more common in urban areas. Most apartments and houses in large cities have small kitchens. Do not despair if you live in a house with a narrow and small kitchen. There are many ways to decorate and design your kitchen, so it really becomes a space that will be used. Here are some great ideas for a small kitchen, made of wood, that you can try in your own home.


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