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Youth bedrooms 2019 beautiful and modern

Youth bedrooms 2019

We have a lot of proposals to decorate juvenile bedrooms. Check out these ideas and photos.

With all the options available today and the variety of products of all prices, decorating your teen or preteen’s room can be a fun activity to be shared by both. Let your desire to express yourself through the decoration of your own space guide and limit yourself to advise. Support, within reason, the ideas of your child, providing your help and your knowledge.

Youth bedrooms for women


With what colors decorate the rooms for teenagers? In general, young women prefer pastel colors, such as pink or light blue, beige, white and other neutrals. But you can also make original and fun mixes while handling that range of colors seen lately.


Here, for example, a delicate combination of silver gray (an unconventional tone for youth rooms) has been chosen, with a beautiful pastel pink tone.

Another example, where combinations of silver, pink, white and gray have been used, whether in pillows and quilts, carpets or cushions.

The old pink combined with white or gray is also a very nice option.


Here is a very feminine bedroom, which reflects softness and warmth ideal for young girls or teenagers. A room with white walls to which life was added some touches of gray and pastel shades, pink, green and blue in different accessories, furniture and carpets.

Details to keep in mind that determine the success of the decoration of this bedroom in gray and black: the mirror in the closet doors, is a very good resource to expand the perception of space. The beautiful black and white carpet that dialogues with the large mirror and gives uniformity to the whole.


The white color accompanied by natural woods looks fabulous.


You can be very creative to achieve good storage capacity, from shelves, trunks or racks that let you see the clothes. Here are some very modern examples.

An ottoman at the foot of the bed, in addition to being decorative and functional, allows many objects to be stored.


Find inspiration in these photos of very different styles of rooms for teenagers or young people. Each with its own style, very different, but all very feminine and youthful. Look for original and creative ways to add color and functionality to your bedroom with your own style.

For example, in these photos we see how the accessories in gold give a lot of elegance to the room.

Use your imagination, incorporate accessories to create a comfortable and beautiful environment that reflects your personality, such as cushions, rugs or paintings.

A large number of cushions and cushions of different sizes and shapes allow you to combine a large number of colors, either in vibrant color palettes or in pastel shades. Find inspiration in these images of youthful, cheerful and fun bedrooms.

A really original ideal, for those who want to have a different style.

Youth bedrooms for males

It is time to change the decoration of your child’s room, since he is no longer a small child. In essence, what is sought is that the room allows the young person to express himself, to have a comfortable and functional shelter.



Teenagers like bright, bold colors, the furthest from the pastel colors that characterize childhood. To personalize the room you can choose a theme that reflects your tastes hanging movie posters, music or sports, or you can create a collage with photos of friends and family.


Using different shades of gray, you can create a beautiful decoration for male rooms.


The criteria of young people about decoration and design are probably far from what adults consider good taste, their version can be freer and more unbridled, rather away from the traditional. The color black, generally avoided by adults in decoration, is usually a favorite color for young people.

These bedrooms seem to be a good choice to accompany the growth of children for a long time. With everything you need to create a large amount of storage space, place to sleep and space to work and study.

Teens often see their bedroom as a refuge from the rest of the world, so when we are looking for creative ideas to decorate a teenager’s bedroom, we should not only limit ourselves to color or design, but we should look for it to reflect your personality. We must try to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that reflects your tastes and adapts to your needs.

Browns and beige

These colors are also often used by young people. Combined with good taste they can be an excellent option.

Small juvenile bedrooms

The contemporary style furniture adapts well to all tastes and provides good solutions to take advantage of the space in small bedrooms.

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a bedroom for young people, where the space is used to the maximum and all needs are covered, here you will find very good ideas. They use very flexible and rationalized furniture that offers multiple possibilities to create a functional bedroom, that suits what you need but at the same time with style.

You can visit the site of Clei, a company from the United Kingdom that presents several different proposals of very interesting folding beds.

The key is to reach an agreement on important issues such as the bed, a desk or the closet. Buy furniture of good quality, the best that your budget allows. The rest of the decoration can be inexpensive like those in this room, with fashionable lamps, colorful bedding and fun accessories.

This type of furniture is an ideal solution for young people’s bedrooms or one-room apartments, where space must be maximized. During the day it can perfectly function as an office or study place and at night it can be transformed into a bedroom in a simple way and with just one movement.

Furniture for juvenile bedrooms


“In youth bedrooms it is convenient to prioritize the comfort, functionality and aesthetic balance of the bedroom. Choose bright colors and combine them with lighter shades will provide a greater sense of spaciousness in the room.

“Also, to include shelves and shelves in the decoration is essential to keep books, toys organized …” These are the tips suggested by Moblerone, the Spanish distribution chain specialized in furniture sales with more than 50 years of experience in the market.

When the bedroom is shared, the space must be used to the maximum and for that nothing better than modular furniture that integrates several functions, such as these sets, which offer varied and creative proposals: bunk beds, trundle beds, twin beds, or these original beds superimposed that slide by rails.

In addition to cabinets, shelves and desks to cover all functional needs appropriate to each child and each age.

Moblerone has stores in many cities in Spain, but also has very good offers to buy furniture online like these. You can check their website here.


In Merkamueble you can find a lot of furniture options for juvenile bedrooms. These modular furniture admit many combinations of pieces and colors that adapt perfectly to all requirements.

Like this original modular proposal that includes a trundle bed, study desk with two-drawer mobile drawer, two-door wardrobe and a 2-meter-long hanging rack.

A single compact furniture with two beds and desk with chest of drawers. The space under the beds is used for storage. It is ideal for a juvenile room, or for children, in yellow and white.

Another design with an optimal use of space. In gray with pink details that make it more attractive. A bed, a desk, a hanging shelves and a good wardrobe with folding doors.


Most teenagers prefer to decorate their room with their own style, but it never hurts to see some images to inspire, like these great PBteen bedrooms.


A very colorful children’s bedroom with lots of space to store toys and clothes belonging to Gautier. The French company manufacturer of a wide range of contemporary design furniture, specializes in furniture for children, teenagers and young people.


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